2015 Opel Adam Rocks – A Second Opinion

Here is the Truth About Cars’ view of the Opel Adam. They have also reviewed the Rocks version. 

2015 Opel Adam Rocks: the Truth About Cars
2015 Opel Adam Rocks: the Truth About Cars

The article considers the Adam as a potential future Buick. And here is the conclusion (I note they find the ride quality better than I do but agree the car does a good impression of near-luxury. I am reviewing the new Opel Corsa soon and the contrast is marked.)

“The Adam is not perfect, and the lifted Adam Rocks is probably even less so. But if Buick wants to aim at young urban customers in America, this may be its best shot at the moment. Being the only CUV in the segment (Mini Paceman and Fiat 500X are huge in comparison) would be a massive advantage, and Adam can also appeal to those who want a stylish small car, but hate the whole retro thing, which is getting a bit old by now. It also comes with an engine able to give it either Prius-like fuel economy or power required by a typical American driver, though not both (spirited driving sends fuel economy from almost 50 mpg to less than 30 mpg). And, last but not the least for those of us who believe brands should keep their mojo, with its soft suspension and torquey engine, it still feels a bit like a Buick, however tiny it is.”

You can get a third opinion here. They like it too, drawing a contrast between the standard Adam and the Rocks which is raised a bit. Full disclosure: I didn’t notice the raised ride height and assumed the black plastic addenda were standard. They are not. On the plus side, I approached the car with no preconceptions. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

2 thoughts on “2015 Opel Adam Rocks – A Second Opinion”

  1. Are we getting closer to the point when the motor press can acknowledge that Vauxhall / Opel are in reality not quite as shite as hitherto insisted?

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