More Fun At Citroën

Automotive News reports that the Mehari-type car that Citroën CEO Linda Jackson talked about is a Bolloré electric car, to be sold through Citroën dealers. It’s not a Citroën.

2016 Bollore Bluesummer: automotive news
2016 Bollore Bluesummer: automotive news

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

23 thoughts on “More Fun At Citroën”

  1. OK, that’s it, I now officially don’t want to care about this marque any more. Does anyone remember the moment when they heard that MG Rover was turnng the Tata Indica into the City Rover ….? Coming up next … a rather obese chanteuse let’s rip!

  2. The last C5 did it for me and the DS series hammered home the nails.
    I was going to write an editorial on the Bollore. Then I ran out care.
    These days I focus on models, trends, different markets and historical things.

  3. I never quite understood why PSA didn’t differentiate between the brands by having Citroen provide all the non-mainstream stuff. MPV’s, monospaces, even SUV’s – Citroen having a (half) ‘track record’ in that sector too. Certainly more so than stuffed-shirt Peugeot. The main reason they didn’t – (apart from corporate ineptitude of course) was probably the fact that they needed a complete range for dealers to sell. Look where it’s got them. Pinning tails on donkeys. Perhaps Tavares & co should stop prevaricating and recast the chevron as “NotCitroen”, since they’re so ashamed of it now. Someone should open a branch of Dignitas for car brands. Citroen and Lancia first in line…

    1. Or possibly try to appeal to the “I only drive a car because I need to I don’t care what it does or how it looks they all look the same to me I only bought this because it was cheap” market and rebrand them Shitroens … The Car You Buy When You Can’t Be Arsed! I feel no guilt about my ever growing contempt for the double Chevrons since it will never be as strong as the contempt Peugeot has shown.

    2. Citroën with non-mainstream stuff only? I strongly disagree! Citroën is a mass market producer in its origin and has been until very recently. It doesn’t mean, however, that they should rely on mainstream technology or design.

      All the Citroëns i’ve had and loved were perfectly reasonable and useable cars in a mainstream format (from small to big) but with that little extra. Isn’t something like this marketable any more?

  4. Richard. You must be making it up! If I lived somewhere very sunny, I would probably buy a Mehari to drive around. I wouldn’t buy one of these to mow the grass. I do have a slight fascination with French microcars, and I know that Blessed Robert Opron designed the odd one, but basically they are not the real thing and it is yet another sign of how low Citroen have fallen. The sight of Marco Pierre White advertising Knorr stock cubes comes to mind.

    Glad (OK that’s not really the right word) to have you on the team at last SV!

  5. As it happens, today I actually bought a car that has been targeted at fun lovers. But (in my sometimes skewed opinion) it has been designed with a wit and intelligence that Citroen just could not grasp. Others here might disagree, and when I get round to writing about the car and my reasons for buying it, please don’t feel the need to be polite.

    Anyone want to buy an 1996 Audi S6 Avant?

    1. Well, frankly Sean, it’s about time you bought that Figaro…

  6. Aw, c’mon Sean, give us another clue about the new wheels. I was going to suggest a Pluriel, but it seems you are off Citroens.

    1. Frankly SV, Sean’s been off his Citroen’s for a while now, poor thing. There’s such a thing as too much citrus in your diet you know…

    2. A great choice, and a car I’ve facied myself several times, if only to shock my colleagues. Citroën shold have done something like this.

      Does it have a decent ride?

  7. I suppose, it is the japanese sister oof the Fiat Multipla, it is the Nissan Cube.
    Fun to Drive?

  8. The comments on this and the previous piece show quite clearly, that there is still a lot of caring about the fortunes of Citroen. Contempt is nothing but the negative other of love. It has the same object to which there is a relation.
    The point being: If only PSA cared – the brand might still be worth a lot more than they know.

  9. Yes, that’s true, Daniel. We probably do care. It is frustrating how a pretty good concept for a car brand is let go down the plughole. The same goes for Lancia. I can visualise viable versions of these cars and don’t see why their stewards can’t.

    GVS: I presume you either stay up late GMT or live in another time zone. It’s always gratifying when it seems our secret formula wins another visitor to our boutique. I take it you guessed Sean’s new car straightaway.

    1. GMT but up late, reading DTW…

      I assumed it was Japanese from the first photo and had my suspicions in the relative squareness and flatness of the roof lining and sunroof shade, but then recognised the chamfered window reveal in the second photo as being that of the Cube. It has always piqued my interest but I had not noticed what I assume to be a hinge-hump before now. I’m now finding that hump strangely pleasing in its expressive pragmatism.

  10. Markus, Simon and GVS. So far my experience of it is confined to a test drive, so I won’t comment prematurely but, basically, it’s a Micra/Clio B platform car so I’m not expecting greatness. That said, I’ve always found that every car is fun to drive if you approach it on its own level. It won’t be fun in a left foot brake into a wet roundabout, then stand on the throttle way that the Audi S6 it replaces is. And it won’t have the fingertip response and ride quality of my Citroen. Actually, I had a new Multipla once and I can’t speak too highly of its design and concept though (being a Fiat) not its execution. I consider the Cube concept a bit more superficial and less coherent than the Multipla, but there are lots of nice details. In essence, I live in London and drive around it a lot so, under those circumstances, it makes sense. I pick it up today, so more in due course

  11. I agree. Bravo Sean – I hope it all goes well with the new Cube. It’s a intriguing piece of design. If it came with a bigger boot, it would be a strong candidate to replace our annoyingly hard to justify replacing Xsara Picasso. Very much looking forward to your in depth and long term views of it.

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