That Was June

A short round-up of some of the main items of interest that were brought to your attention in the four weeks just past with reference to news, comments and opinions.

1984 Alfa Romeo 90:
1984 Alfa Romeo 90:

We adopted Evolution as theme of the month and some interesting things emerged such as a thoughtful contemplation of evolution versus revolution. We also explored Murat Gunak’s interest in certain shapes. On the news front Alfa Romeo showed us a few pictures of a red sport saloon they may one day make. Luc Donckerwolke has left Bentley and there were discussions of Citroen design and marketing too. DTW has been driving real cars. A Nissan Cube joined the fleet along with a Mazda 3 and we had some mass-market rental fodder  out on the road too.

Opel revealed their new Astra which seems to be as comprehensive a remake as the Corsa is not. It’s lighter, smaller and more efficient. The C-D pillar is one of those seemingly de rigeur partially glazed jobs that makes no difference to visibility and only adds to the part count and visual noise. If they were disguising carry-over body structure, that’s one trick they could pull. Since the car isn’t a remodelling, you’d think they might have desisted from having the C-D pillar partially glazed.

VW were behind two events of nearly no significance but we discussed them anyway. The Phaeton has been officially withdrawn from the UK market meaning 35 fewer will find homes this year. And if it ain’t broke, call in a graphic designer anyway. The famous VW font has been altered to the satisfaction of VW’s design department and the annoyance of everyone who has to change over to the new font. Customers won’t notice.

We’ve also been rooting in the parts bin to discover the colourful secret life of the Citroën SM tail lamps. There were a lot left over after Peugeot stopped SM production and made a point of destroying the tools.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia story started here with DTW keeping a close eye on that and it generated a lot of discussion among our loyal band of readers. Finally, Archie Vicar’s archive has been raided to yield this nugget from the late 70s, an item about the much-loved Colt 1400. Archie’s prescience continues to amaze. We thank you for reading this month and for your contributions. We look forward to seeing you next month.

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