Sunday Matinée – Life Begins At ’40

Research has shown it’s impossible to have too much XJ40 in your diet, so here’s another helping.

If like us, you haven’t sufficiently gorged yourself on all things XJ40, don’t worry; Driven to Write is on hand with this series of short promotional films from the ’40s launch in 1986. Immerse yourself in a world of almost universal moustaches, nascent CAD, grey slip-on loafers and illicit assignations, as XJ40-man jets back to his fancy woman via the Scottish Highlands – (where he indulges in some unexplained wildlife photography), the Canadian wilderness and the Australian outback in what can only be described as the mother of all commutes.


Author: Eóin Doyle

Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée – Life Begins At ’40”

  1. There’s something deeply melancholic about that promotion film: all these hopes and expectations for both the car and independent Jaguar appearing so futile with hindsight. Despite the usual grandstanding, there’s a genuine sense that all those people were doing there damnest to deliver a fine car.

  2. Wow – those were the days when men wore proper beards and ‘taches; none of the designer-groomed rubbish of today.

    Jag’s real challenge with the ’40 is demonstrated early on in the film when the XJ6 is parked up in the design studio … such a lovely and timeless looking thing, whereas the ’40 started to look a little dated not long after being launched.

  3. I thought so too. The square lamps looked dreary. The number of suits being worn astounded me. You don’t get that today. The test driving car seems more exciting than the final version.

  4. Suits and ties, unironic bobble-hat wearing, male facial hair untroubled by precision grooming and prototype test cars without promotional hashtag livery. Where was the mellow Scotsman talking about beauty? The prototype screaming around a test track at maximum yaw angles wreathed in tyre smoke? No wonder the company was in trouble.

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