14 thoughts on “Sketch: Everyday Sportscar”

  1. MX-Breadvan. Would a Nissan N13 EXA with the optional Sportbak canopy fit the bill visually? Or would that not count because it’s front-drive, like a modern Scirocco, Volvo 480ES or C30? In which case it’s back to a Z3 coupe or way back to an MG BGT

  2. BMW Z3 coupe: that seems to fit the bill. I am not sure about the breadvan resemblance. I have never seen a breadvan in real life. Are they “square rigged”?

    1. Breadvans exist in the imaginary world of British motoring writers, where they look like a Ferrari 250 GT Drogo or an original Lotus Europa. For in the imaginary world of the British motoring writer, bread must be delivered at high speed and a fastback will not do.

    1. Agreed. The 3-door version is the closest to a decent ‘shooting brake’ (or is it shooting break?) there is on our roads at the moment. I was tempted to get a second-hand mk1, but the choice of engine in that setup is actually very limited.

    2. A neighbour has a 1 Series cabriolet. Whilst still a touch upright, without the troublesome hatchback glasshouse and with coupe rear light clusters, the styling is improved no end.

    3. What do you find ‘troublesome’ about the hatchback treatment?

    4. It walks an uncomfortable line between the desire to apply BMW cues and the most expedient way to design a hatchback. Mercedes fell into the same trap with their A Class hatch, and indeed they have taken two or three bashes at it, if you include the first two generations. Indeed, I would argue that most mainstream manufacturers design better hatchbacks, the only premium German marque to crack them being Audi.

    5. I have something of a soft spot for the 1st gen 1 series. The headlights are a bit huge, but apart from that it’s just right. The lines add up nicely and the proportions are spot on. A very specific interpretation of design rationalism.
      I would even go so far as to say that it’s the best Bangle-BMW (and that’s saying a lot from a secret Bangle-admirer).

    6. Daniel: you’re amongst fellow travellers here. Bangle was a breath of fresh air and if you ask me, BMW design is utterly adrift without his influence. Personally, I find the shoulder line of the 1st Gen 1-series to be absolutely sublime. In the right specification/colour/wheels, I’d be tempted – especially if I thought I could have one with functioning suspension…

    7. I think it’s the rear light clusters that provoke my ire the most. They look like wax run offs. And to my eyes the glasshouse looks contrived. That said, BMW have to be congratulated for taking a punt on a small RWD car. Shame that they are now rowing back on that bravery.

  3. It would seem that I am in a minority regarding my distaste for the styling of the 1 Series. Whilst I respect the opinions of the DTW collective in this regard, I would simply like to point out that, serially and individually, you are all wrong.

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