A Photo for Sunday Night

This one baffles me. It has a Ferrari badge on the tail and steering wheel. Is it?

What's this? Seen in Dublin. The licence plate is for imported cars that were registered first outside the ROI.
What’s this? Seen in Dublin. The licence plate is for imported cars that were registered first outside the ROI.

The engine sits in the rear. Inside is a tatty but complete set of interior parts. Fibre-glass was used for the body. It has a flush under-body and Triplex branded windows.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

11 thoughts on “A Photo for Sunday Night”

  1. It looks like a Nova kit car, which is based on the old VW Beetle. In Australia there was a license-built version of the Nova called the Purvis Eureka, which is a name that once seen or heard, canot be easily forgotten.

  2. At first, I thought this was the car from Clockwork Orange. It certainly is one of the more cohesive kit cars I’ve come across. At least judging by the photos, the body also seems to be of decent quality, with sharp creases and tidy moulds.

  3. The horrorshow car from Clockwork Orange was the Adams Brothers Probe 15. I think it might have influenced the Nova. Viddee Well, Little Brother

  4. Rather than Malcom McDowell, think Michael Crawford. The Nova formed the basis of the hero’s high-tech vehicle in Condorman.

  5. Indeed Mark!

    As some younger readers will notice from the Probe picture, and other period images, Inertia was not actually invented until 1975. Before that time it was perfectly safe to travel at speed sitting on the rear panels of sports cars, standing up in Mini Mokes and lying on the roofs of 2CVs.

  6. I loved Condorman as a child. I can still remember a visibly pissed Oliver Reed as head of the Prognoviach, a group of assassins who all drove suped up black 911s. Reed’s was a particularly unusual slant nosed model with a ludicrous fin.

    1. My abiding memory of Condorman was the scene that Sean posted above with the assassins in 911s (although without the German overdubbed dialogue). I loved that movie too. I think it helped if you were a child at the time, since you could just enjoy the gadgets and car chases and not notice the shortcomings of the surrounding film. In retrospect a superhero movie led by Frank Spencer from Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em probably wasn’t Disney’s smartest move. Although he would have been perfect for Birdman, and they could have made the Broadway show within that film a musical.

      I’d forgotten that Oliver Reed’s car was a slant nose 935-style racer with a rotating radar antenna on top, but I’d remembered the mirror tint windows. Also interesting to see the large touchscreen display on Condorman’s car, which some might say was an inspiration for the Tesla Model S control panel. Someone should ask Elon Musk if he also liked Condorman…

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