11 thoughts on “Taxi!”

  1. I remember seeing a Jaguar XF cab at Munich airport around 2010-2011 and thinking either the driver was an owner-operator who liked his Jaguars and got a good business lease deal; or BMW was behind it as a prank. But it seems that XF taxis are in fact operating in Munich and elsewhere, as the good folk of the XF Forum discuss here: http://www.xfforum.co.uk/threads/5313-XF-for-taxi-use

  2. That’s a sad and ignoble photo – I mean, it doesn’t deserve such garish livery treatment which clashes so with a warm shade of red.

  3. I imagine the operator thought it would be a nicer place to spend time than the equivalently priced Skoda. And leather seats are easier to clean.

  4. Here in Switzerland – and even more so in Germany, the typical taxi used to be a Mercedes E-class (before the minivans took over). So why not a Jaguar? However, they could have chosen a less cheapish-looking color scheme, I have to agree with SV.

  5. I daresay the operator went for an X-Type because they’re cheap and the diesel engine’s pretty unburstable. The livery is a requirement in Ireland if you want to access bus lanes and the like, so taxi/carriage operators really have no choice. I could think of more spacious cars to have chosen for the role however.

    1. S-types or X350 XJs?

      When I saw Richard’s photo it reminded me of Posh Carz, a cab company in Peterborough (the local football team, Peterborough United FC, are called ‘the Posh’, for reasons that have nothing to do with Victoria Beckham.Or indeed the general impression one has of Peterborough beyond the historic cathedral). Posh Carz doesn’t use posh cars (it uses ‘London Cabs’ which are made by a Geely-owned company now?) but I think a fleet of dayglo-coloured S-Types in taxi livery would better fit the name.

    2. I was thinking about the rear room too. Swanky though a Jag might feel, I’d be tempted to ask them to send an Avensis.

      As for TWBCM’s local firm, there is something decidedly un-Posh about spelling it ‘Carz’.

    3. True on both counts Sean, but I couldn’t have made up a better name for a cab firm in Peterborough if I tried so it works for authenticity as well as entertainment value in the retelling. 🙂

  6. I recall a couple of years ago driving into Le Blanc in central France and being somewhat put off my stride to see a C6 in TAXI garb. I guess there is no reason why it should not be – unlike the X-Type it would be a very comfy place for passengers to be wafted around – and I comforted myself by recalling how E-Types and 5-Series dominated the ‘ranks outside Frankfurt airport last time I was there – but, it just seemed a bit sad to see it had come to this.

  7. I’ve just noticed the man slumped on the doorstep of the Tesco behind the taXi-type. Was he overwhelmed at the sight of a Jag cab?

    1. He’s there all the time. Dublin has lots of homeless people despite all the empty floors on upper storeys of central Dublin buildings.

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