Gorfe´s Granadas: 1980 Granada Chasseur 2.8

The Mk 2 Ford Granada had a lot going for it writes editor-at-large Myles Gorfe. 

1980 Ford Granada Chasseur: carandclassic.co.uk
1980 Ford Granada Chasseur: carandclassic.co.uk

With a range of powerful engines, excellent roadholding and sharp-styling, it virtually sold itself. Ford didn’t like to rest on their laurels though. So, to celebrate the Olympics of 1980, they made a limited run of Chasseur special edition estates.

Ford are making a bit of a meal of their luxurious Vignale-edition Mondeo, but this idea is not new for Ford who have actually presented smart, luxury versions of their mainstays for decades. The Granada Chasseur estate, to be precise. During the week, the Granada estate worked like any other large, prestigious and fast saloon. At the weekends, the huge load bay meant it could 1980 Ford Granada chasseur adtake almost anything that could be thrown at it. That much was standard with the renowned Granada estate. What the Chasseur did was slather an even thicker layer of luxury on top. The Ghia-style seats had part-leather panels in Bitter Chocolate with smart “Chatham” check cloth, made by the famous American textile concern. Matching cloth was found on the door cards.  The door top rolls and arm-rest had leather trim. Further, there was the added luxury of matching four-piece fitted luggage made exclusively for the car. Mercedes and Volvo couldn’t touch this level of refinement.

The Chasseur looked the part with its two-tone brown and gold paint and colour-coded gold metallic wheels yet it was actually based on the 2.8 litre V6 GL model. The Chasseur had independent sport suspension, electric windows, a four-speaker stereo-cassette system and power-steering. As Ford said in its ads of the time, you would never know you were driving an estate, which was more than could be said of Volvo’s tardy barges or Mercedes’ overpriced taxis. Optional extras included air conditioning, fog lamps and fuel-injection to give a fast car even more ability to get away for the weekend. Auto transmission came as standard as did specially designed roof rails.

The only problem with the Chasseur is that Ford didn’t make enough of them. They left the showrooms at top speed and these days only one or two examples remain. But if you do find one, jump on it, as the chances of another car like it coming along are as low as there being another 1980 Olympics.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

2 thoughts on “Gorfe´s Granadas: 1980 Granada Chasseur 2.8”

  1. A Reader Writes : “How classy of Ford to name a car after an iffy chicken dish they serve at my local pub. What next – the Sierra Tikka? OK, I quite like the 2 tone outside – done before Mercedes did those 2 tone E Class estates I think – and it’s bloody roomy not like the jobbies they make today. But them seats look like they’re made from some of your Missus’s old aprons – Oops sorry Gorfey, paineful memories????”

  2. Myles Gorfe writes: chasseur’s French for hunting and properly classy people won’t be eating at places offering chicken with mushroom sauce so sod off. Thanks.

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