Honda UK’s Hall of Fame…

…includes the Stream and the Legend. And it has space for a few more cars too.

Plenty of space there for some better cars. Honda Logo? Image: Honda UK
Plenty of space there for some better cars. Honda Logo? Image: Honda UK

What was supposed to be a bit of sleuthing in search of news that didn’t come courtesy of secondary sources led me to Honda UK’s hall of fame, “Previous Models”. I will come to the news part eventually. The image above is Honda UK’s own suggestion of its favourite cars. There is no commentary: I checked that twice to be sure (to be sure).

Some of the entrants make sense. Every Honda fan worships the S2000 and goes to bed placing voodoo curses on the ignorant public who didn’t go for it very much. The Insight is there but not the model I was thinking of. The CRZ is there too which made me go and investigate its status. It’s not on sale in the UK any more. I ought to have known that but then again one of the reasons I do this is to find out stuff that I wasn’t reading anywhere else. Maybe the news was reported between page 112 and 113 in Top Gear in Martober.

2015 Honda UK model range. room for more cars there, no? Image: Honda UK
2015 Honda UK model range. room for more cars there, no? Image: Honda UK

The remainder of what Honda UK considers the greatest Honda hits is an expanse of empty screen and the Legend (it has its fans), and the FRV.  Honda’s achievements extend rather further than this odd assortment of cars, I would have thought.

Flawless. 1998 Honda HRV:
Flawless. 1998 Honda HRV:

NSX? Honda Civic (any year)? Honda Beat (I know it was not officially sold in the UK), Honda CRX perhaps? I really must write to Honda and ask them what the rationale for the selection was and why the Stream beat the 1998 HRV which is a gorgeously correct and robust piece of design.

2015 Honda HRV: Honda UK.
2015 Honda HRV: Honda UK.

And the news? The HRV is back on sale in the UK as a new model and it is being made in Mexico. It costs £18,000 and is available a 1.6 petrol or a 1.5 litre diesel engine.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

15 thoughts on “Honda UK’s Hall of Fame…”

    1. The image is, the car rather not. It just looks like every compact SUV / crossover today. While I can’t totally agree with Richard on the flawlessness of the ’98 HRV, I still think it’s a remarkable piece of design and has the merit of looking like nothing else.

      Otherwise, Richard, you have my full support with the suggestions you make for the HoF.

    1. Not just any Prelude! That’s Setright’s car.
      That version and the predecessor were cracking vehicles. I especially like the wilful contrariness of the last one. It’s a real “car designer’s” car. Funnily I forgot to mention them. Why no Prelude today? And ditto the Nissan 200 SX.

  1. I was actually browsing Autotrader for a used CRZ only yesterday. A reasonably low mileage one can be had for £6-7k, which has me really tempted even if I remain concerned about the limited practicality.
    Glad it made it to the HoF.

    1. No I think we all agree on this, but like Chris said it’s no deal-breaker (for who intends to buy one for the right reasons).

  2. What about the amazing Element? I would be really tempted to buy it (for the flat rubber floor, seats folding up and the 4WD), but it seats only four people.

    1. I might be wrong but I don’t think it was ever sold in the UK, which would explain it’s absence.

  3. As per previous discussion, they feature the wrong Insight, which beats the CRZ as well as the current Prius-a-like that have both just been discontinued (in the UK at least).

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