Theme : Shutlines – Beyond The Pale

Does Ford really think that this is acceptable? (Caution : Viewer Discretion Required).

Focus Light

Throughout the month I have been accumulating images with a view to presenting a rogue’s gallery of bad shutlines. Never one to run from the crude and obvious, I had intended giving the post the title of ‘Shitelines’.

However, when I look at my collection, one stands out in my view so much that it deserves its own post. That a major manufacturer who employs some of the best trained designers could have produced something as ugly and inept as the rear light treatment of the current Focus doesn’t just surprise me – it offends me. The left lamp treatment is bad enough, particularly where the rather wide shutline of the hatchback meets it. But the right hand lamp, with the half-arsed attempt to merge the shape of the fuel flap into the shape of the lens is ….. beyond any excuse.

The ubiquity of this car means that I have to see it every day, and time has not endeared it, quite the opposite. I can’t really say any more.

20 thoughts on “Theme : Shutlines – Beyond The Pale”

  1. Yes, it is horrible. The sculpting requires convoluted lines and the graphics add noise; the tail lamp was something justified by its somehow adding the impression of speed (its elongations, I think). In total, all of this adds up to a car bordering on the invisible just like the similarly overwrought C4.
    Sean, please don’t show this again, thanks.

  2. The facelifted car is at least a little better, I think, but the foul fuel cap is still there.

  3. Look at the two upper body creases. This is the sort of nonsense you’d normally see coming out of Gorden Wegener’s dream factory. It wouldn’t have happened in Uwe Bahnsen’s day I can tell you sonny!

  4. The elongated trailing rear light is an unwarranted garnish in an already overtossed salad. For me the treatment would be tolerable without it, but being inset into one of the largest and most complex panels, it is almost impossible to restyle out without huge expense.

  5. I’ve found another major shutline crime – the facelifted 2016 Lancia Ypsilon, which (I suppose) they think is going to revive the brand’s carcass. Spot any favourite areas?

  6. The headlamp/grille/bonnet area screams. They should not have forced the grille to follow the bonnet’s leading edge. A complete rework is needed to save that. I don’t suppose anyone involved cared very much.

    1. Because they knew it would look ugly and misplaced?
      Or maybe not, as that fact didn’t stop them from committing designs like 500 XL or 500 X.

  7. The X seems to get some popularity around here. Which is quite logical, as already the Panda 4×4 had a very strong following (and still has), and the Sedici (Suzuki clone) was quite successful, too. I’m not sure if many of the Xs have already been sold or if it’s rather the dealer’s cars they quite actively display at the moment.
    The XL I see about 2–3 a year, which is 2 or 3 times too often for my taste.

  8. In fairness to Chevrolet the pickup truck does have to change into a robot in the next Transformers movie so perhaps the odd shutlines allow for that.

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