Over the Transom: The Last Gasp of the Shutlines Theme

The Chrysler 300M front end needed serious revision. As it stood it was crudely executed. This diagram shows an alternative schematic break up of the front wing, headlamp and bumper.

It´s schematic. The actual refinement of this would take some considerable time.
It’s schematic. The actual refinement of this would take some considerable time.

In essence, the graphics asked questions the engineering department could not deal with and the actual solution defeated the graphics. It is tempting to say the graphics were not really feasible.

Here is a concept that assumes that the bumper and wing could be fitted tightly:

1998 Chrysler 300M moderate change

The very thick line over the headlamp is the result of the ‘overslam’ requirement. This leads to a large gap between the bonnet and the front bumper to account for the impact of the bonnet on its landing surface. European cars tend to have a smaller overslam requirement or else deal with it more effectively. I still haven’t dealt with the door shutline.

Author: richard herriott

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7 thoughts on “Over the Transom: The Last Gasp of the Shutlines Theme”

  1. There’s another solution where the panel gap runs horizontally from the wheel arch and then bends near to the lamp to allow the line to meet the lamp normal to its curvature at that point. This would not work in practice for a 1998 Chrysler as they did not have the capacity to match panels so finely. My solution
    shown assumes less finesse in assembly.

  2. The perils of brand differentiation – I think the Dodge Intrepid avoided this problem entirely with a bumper layout much like your concept. I guess it was cheaper to leave the panel that way then have a different profile around the headlight/indicator unit aperture?

  3. I looked at the Intrepid and think that they could easily have kept the same panel gap profile for both cars. It would have been cheaper and better. Thanks for as it were validating my proposal.

    1. It does seem that they put all the effort into the Intrepid and then couldn’t figure out what a Chryslerised one should look like, so they kept throwing different lights and bumpers at it in vain. On the other hand, with the replacement Chrysler 300 they started with the Chrysler then failed in trying to turn it into a Dodge Charger worthy of the name.

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