2016 Renault Megane: No Official Image?

This is refreshing. The image below is not the new Renault Megane to be launched on September the 15th. It’s a picture made up by someone good at Photoshop.

Not the new Renault Clio: rocksoncars.com
Not the new 2016 Renault Megane: rocksoncars.com

And this isn’t it either:

2016 Renault Clio, not: www.larevueautomobile.com
2016 Renault Megane, not: http://www.larevueautomobile.com

I am a bit curious about this now that I haven’t seen an “official studio photo”. What are the odds that the Megane will have that daft C-pillar as per the new Opel Astra or the Nissan Maxima?

2016 Nissan Maxima: NissanUSA
2016 Nissan Maxima: NissanUSA
Officiallly, this is what the next Opel Astra will look like. Take note Renault: Vauxhall UK
Officiallly, this is what the next Opel Astra will look like. Take note Renault: Vauxhall UK

You can read Renault’s official press release here. The Renault Talisman estate will also be unveiled which will be less exciting as the images have been trailed. I wonder what the point of going through that process will be. Whether or not it’s a good car, the visuals are where the interest lies. At this point if I were Renault I would find a better way to get the car into the press than just showing a shiny example on a turn table. If they showed a 1990 Renault 21 there would be more interest. “I will give the keys of this car to whoever can answer three questions based on my presentation….”

Author: richard herriott

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3 thoughts on “2016 Renault Megane: No Official Image?”

  1. Or maybe this one?

    Can I see a future where car companies have no design departments, they just take the best ‘scoop’ from the net and productionise it?

    I do hope the Revue Automobile rendering is not based on fact – a generic hatchback that’s been razored by James Bond’s Aston Martin.

  2. The image attributed to Rocksoncars.com seems to be essentially a de-radicalised version of Renault’s 2014 Eolab concept, so the likelihood of the Megane bearing at least a passing resemblance to it is probably strong. Also by dint of being influenced by the concept, it’s equally likely the production Megane will sport a similar c-pillar treatment – given this is becoming the the new rising shoulder line. I think we can expect to see a lot more of it over the coming years, so Richard should probably gird himself for a flurry of apoplectic exhortations.

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