Theme : Wheels – Introduction

The Editor Looks At Wheels

Wheels Scrapped

The Wheel has been around for at least five-and-a-half millennia yet, even in my very distant youth, its end seemed to be in sight. The Car Of The Future would surely fly, suspended possibly by air, jet motors or magnets. But here we are, well into the 21st Century, and The Wheel still reigns. Just as on Daimler’s first petrol-powered, converted carriage of 1886, four wheels remain the norm, five if you count a spare, three if you own various Reliant or Morgan models.

The wheel is your sole contact with the road and is, in many ways, the most critical part of your car. It is a major contributor to the safety and character of a vehicle, yet many drivers give it little thought. True, some enthusiasts are wheel fetishists but, from the majority, it gets cursory attention except when the time comes to re-clad it in the cheapest tyres available.

This month we aim to give The Wheel the respect and attention it deserves.

5 thoughts on “Theme : Wheels – Introduction”

  1. Ever since the title of this month’s theme was announced, this song is spinning round in my head… (“Wheels” by CAKE).
    I think it’s going to be my personal DTW anthem for September.

    I’m looking forward to discussions about what keeps us rolling. Be it wheel sizes or styles, numbers of wheels (as already mentioned) or tyres (though I think we all can do without the usual internet forum flame wars when it comes to promoting one’s only valid choice of them).

    1. Bridgestone’s mate! Anything else you might as well use a rubber band. Bloody Pirellis they all fall apart don’t they? Continental- bloody stupid name, can’t wait til we leave the EU anyway. Michelin – I bought one of there maps once, it was printed upside down. Firestone – what do the Yanks know about going round corners? And anything over 30 profile’s just for pussies. End of!

    2. Nonsense!
      Everything you mention is way too expensive. I’d never spend more than 50 quid on a piece of rubber I don’t even see while driving! My Hankooks run smoother and brake better than anything else I’v ever tried. And they’re 9 years old already, and still gong strong!

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