Thought For The Day – Driving Shoes

We don’t do fashion here at Driven to Write. We are above that. But let’s take a moment to consider driving shoes.

The first pair of driving shoes I bought were bought by accident. They looked acceptable and, importantly, were very light. I still have them even if they are now quite wrecked. The great thing about a lot of fashion derived from sports is that it enhances everyday life. My tweed jacket has its roots in hunting but works very well when I need to Continue reading “Thought For The Day – Driving Shoes”

Ashtrays: 2015 Mercedes B-class

Well, I think it was a 2015 Mercedes B-class but it could have been the 2005-2011 series. However, here is a clear sign that Mercedes are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to refinements.

2015 Mercedes B-class ashtray
2015 Mercedes B-class ashtray

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Mega-Size Me

Marchionne’s Merger Mania Examined – Again. Where Driven to Write leads, the mainstream press follow: Autocar finally gets around to examining the Marchionne plan. 

Don't panic, there's a high percentage wool mix in this jersey. After all, a man's got to have standards.
Don’t panic, there’s a high percentage wool mix in this jersey. After all, a man’s got to have standards. Image credit: (c) motorionline

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes. Recently, one of our readers took us to task over our coverage of FCA’s latest product plans, suggesting we were being unduly negative about them and about FCA’s knitwear enthusiast-in-chief. It’s easy to see why, but at least we have been applying our critical faculties to the subject – something that has (up to now) been conspicuously absent in the mainstream automotive media. Continue reading “Mega-Size Me”