Borgward’s BX-7 Revealed

Just fifty-four years after closing down, Borgward is back with the BX-7. And it just had to be disappointing, didn’t it?

2016 Borgward BX-7:
2016 Borgward BX-7:

I expected a saloon or sports car.

Autobild reports that the car will be shown at the Frankfurt IAA in late September. Autobild politely call the car a classical SUV with a lightly modernised version of the Borgward emblem. The Truth About Cars thinks it looks like a Buick  crossed with a Porsche. The car has a high beltline (Autobild tells us that too) and in case you wondered what the vehicle is when it passes you, it says Borgward in huge individual letter on the bootlid.  It’s 4.7 metres long (which is middle-sized). Powering the car are a 244 PS 2.0-litre turbo petrol and a 410 PS plug-in hybrid system. How much for this? €26,000 reckons Autobild.  

Turning to the more important matter of my disappointment, the vehicle lacks any identifiable identity other than the huge Buick grille and the letters glued to the bootlid. Of course, they didn’t spend all those fifty-four years sketching. Borgward seem to have been inspired by Qoros  and Tesla in that their new vehicle is entirely unsurprising.

Borgward Isabella. Does this not make you want to go back to 1960-something right now? That´s probably Switzerland or Austria. Lovely:

I’d show an image of the back of the car if it there was anything very interesting to look at it. I do understand that even designing an inoffensive car takes a high degree of skill. This car is inoffensive. And perhaps that’s the best way to go at this stage…yet…yet. A little more chili in this particular dish might not have been a bad idea. I wonder how Borgward is going to synthesise the blandness of the BX-7 with the claim that future vehicles will be “luxurious, inventive and bold.”

If you click here you can check out the days and hours remaining to the unveiling of the car shown clearly in the photo above. Two days to go as of 12.31 on Sunday morning, Sept.12th, 2015.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

18 thoughts on “Borgward’s BX-7 Revealed”

  1. You didn’t really expect a saloon or sports car, did you?
    The car is clearly skewed towards Chinese tastes and maybe that’s the only sensible way to go these days – if a little late given the recent cooling of the Chinese economy.
    I’m actually surprised they managed to present an actual car in this little time after the heralded ressurrection of the marque. This suggests some competent management, if nothing else.

  2. Actually yes. In hindsight I was utterly mistaken and was not even thinking of China. I wonder if they will survive for very long.
    Wouldn’t a sport saloon have been nice?

  3. Seeing the headline photo on this story, I had just assumed it was a BMW X5 with a new grille, lights and bumpers. I should probably pay more attention to what crossover SUVs look like these days.

    Is anyone in the Driven to Write community going to Frankfurt for the IAA this year?

    1. Not me, regrettably. Yet another chance to ask Gorden (sic) Wagener where he gets those Burberry check ties missed.

    2. Thanks for the reply Kris, and that’s a real shame that you aren’t attending IAA. Not only the Wagener tie issue but the Winkelmann tailor question and the Chris Birdwatching search at Ford have all gone unreported. I did see that Car Design News have captured Laurens van den Acker’s custom trainers though, so somebody is hunting the stories that matter at motorshow time. If anyone is planning on visiting during the public days I for one would be interested in their account of seeing the show firsthand.

  4. I just dont get it – why do you relaunch a brand if the product has nothing to do with what they did before? Borgward was most known for its Isabella. To my knowledge it was a rather conservatively, but well built car with very beautiful lines. Even if we try to extrapolate this concept to an SUV, I can at the most see the first point, but certainly not the last one. But beauty lies in the eye of the beholder…

    What I’m missing with Borgward (as well as with Qoros that is also mentioned here) is an USP. Without this, why would I launch a new brand or revive an old one? Tesla, as conservative its design may be, has a very strong USP: not so much the electrical drive, but the service and charging infrastructure which makes the car useable also on longer distance trips.

    1. Agreed. The name, if it means anything, should support brand values more focused than “something German.” And yes, Borgward’s BX-7 has no USP. The naming convention is as useless as Cadillac and Lincoln ‘s. B for Borgward, X for 4-wheel drive and 7 is the designator; presumably there might be a 5 and a 9? And will there be a car? BS-3 for Borgward saloon 3? Is that going to work?

  5. By the way, for us Citroën fans, the name of this thing is of course a sacrilege. But since the advent of Mazda’s SUVs, we’re already used to that.

    1. Even if they could afford lawyers, who in the company would remember names of the last century?

    2. How are Mazda’s SUV model designations a sacrelidge to Citroen fans? They’re derived from the RX- line designation for rotary powered cars, and the MX- line for conventionally-engined sports cars. If Citroen launch an RX, would they be committing a sacrelidge against Mazda, perpetuating fhe crime that Lexus have with their RX-series SUVs? What of poor Sir Clive Sinclair, who has had to suffer the indignation of two generations of Citroen committing brand infringement on his C5 EV. Or how many different things have staked a claim to the C4 designation over they years before PSA decided it made sense as a family hatchback designation. If Mazda build an aerodynamic fastback saloon with advanced suspension, a futuristic interior, a large inline four-cylinder engine that does nothing to advance the state of the art and a spare wheel under the bonnet and call it the CX then I’ll understand the slur against Citroenistes worldwide. But they haven’t.

    3. Well, that remark wasn’t meant to be taken entirely seriously.

    4. Apologies for the over-reaction, it does sound grumpier than it should in the re-reading. But as a Mazda fan that isn’t as interested in Citroens I find the melancholy around the decline in Citroen’s fortunes that many people in the community here share becomes a bit much at times,

    5. Apologies accepted!
      I know we tend to be a whiny bunch. I try to keep it to a reasonable level, but sometimes I just get carried away, for which I have to apologise in turn.
      But please bear in mind that I have grown up with ’70s and ’80s Citroëns, and they will therefore always stay a reference for me. But I’m glad to see other points of reference here as well.

  6. I think the name infringment debate will run and run. I suggest pistols at dawn as the best means to resolve this. Alas, we can only provide water pistols. If you wear a good coat you will escape unharmed but with your honour intact.

    1. Can’t we at least have hydropneumatic pistols instead of just hydraulic ones?

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