Mazda Sent Driven to Write An e-mail Today!

In it they explained that they are unveiling a new concept car, the Koeru. What else did they say?

2016 Mazda Koeru unveilled at the IAA: Mazda Press UK
2016 Mazda Koeru unveilled at the IAA: Mazda Press UK

That’s not the only bit of news: “Mazda’s IAA exhibition also features the all-new Mazda MX-5 roadster complete with a range of specially developed accessories. Among these are a space age boot-lid mounted luggage carrier in a solid yet ultra-lightweight carbon construction (to be offered with a matching Moncabas suitcase) and exclusive 17-inch alloy wheels in an asymmetrical diamond-cut look.”

Turning back to the Koeru, Mazda said something about its expression, something about big wheels and the quality of the interior and exterior is very good as well. It’s not very concepty, is it? It looks ready for launch in 2016. “The new crossover SUV concept, which makes its global debut, was conceived to extend a new kind of value in the fast-growing and hard-fought SUV arena,” said Mazda. That makes it a Ford Kuga/Opel Mokka competitor, I would guess.

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13 thoughts on “Mazda Sent Driven to Write An e-mail Today!”

  1. Those wheels like so many appear to be a nightmare to clean, still in an age where most don’t know how to open the bonnet I guess it doesn’t matter.

  2. Invent one shape. Make the wheels bigger and the creases sharper with each iteration. It’s their concept.

    But haven’t we seen a lot of near-to-be-launched cars hurriedly disguised as a “concept” lately? Is the CX-5 already due to be replaced?

  3. It’s more like the CX-3 in profile and form than the CX-5. Car speculates it could be realised between those two models. I kind of hope not …

    What do people think of the new Tiguan?

    1. RE: the Tiguan, it looks crisply-pressed in the official images. Fussier. Grumpier if one can say that about a car’s exterior styling. Certainly any insecure men who felt the last one was effeminate will feel better driving it aggressively on motorways, or can worry less about being taunted about driving ‘the wife’s car’ if that is still a thing. I still suspect it’s a car for empty-nesters rather than families, especially if it still has a small boot. I suppose there will be a Skoda or Seat for those people who insist on practicality at the expense of aspirational lifestyle branding statements.

  4. BETWEEN? Now, that’s a niche!
    New Tiguan? VW-new as in “it’s new, but looks the same”? Sorry, this kind of car is of zero interest to me.

  5. I guess the Koeru is aiming for customers that like swoopy coupes but don’t want to stoop down to get in and out of them. It could sit next to the CX-5 just like the 323F used to sit next to the workaday 323s as a style-over-packaging alternate body style. Or like one of those German premium crossover coupe things that people whose sense of taste I don’t understand like to buy.

  6. As for the Tiguan, it looks quite good and a lot more mature than the current, toy-like iteration.

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