A Quiet IAA for Ford

Autoexpress and the Western Morning News have both reported the unveiling of the Ford Edge in its European guise.

2016 Ford Edge (left) and the US version: Ford.com
2016 Ford Edge (left) and the US version: Ford.com

The Ford Edge is a very large vehicle, large as if to make up for Ford’s relatively low-key display at this year’s IAA. It is, I suppose a kind of interregnum. Martin Smith has handed over to his replacement who is probably busy with working out how things operate in Merkenich rather than with breaking new ground for EuroFords. There has also been a bit of personnel change, with exterior designer Stephan Lamm recently departed. Conceivably rising star Murat Gueler may return to Merkenich, having done some work at Lincoln in the interim. Continue reading “A Quiet IAA for Ford”

2015 Frankfurt IAA Colour Palette

DTW has been out sampling the colours of the important new cars shown at Frankfurt so far. 
2015 Frankfurt colour IAA
…and none of the ones I looked at were green. That anti-green trend is continuing then. Obviously Bugatti’s car was going to be Bugatti blue. Ford went with an interesting orange metallic (as did Seat). Bentley made a choice for a paler version of gold with which to dress the Bentayga. Say what you like about the rest of the car, the colour is very nice indeed, not a million miles away from Volvo’s Maya Gold from some years back. Continue reading “2015 Frankfurt IAA Colour Palette”

Electric Dream – Porsche Mission E

Still want to order that Panamera?

Image via Porsche.com
Image via Porsche.com

Today, Porsche’s Mission E concept was shown to the press at the IAA motor show, signalling the beginning of the mainstream industry’s fightback against the groundswell of Musk emanating from Tesla’s Silicon Valley headquarters. Continue reading “Electric Dream – Porsche Mission E”