It’s a Green Car: 2015 Opel Astra

Further to recent discussions, here is a green car, the Opel Astra. Turns out we had discovered this a while back but it’s nice to be reminded. 

2015 Opel Astra in emerald green.
2015 Opel Astra in emerald green.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

24 thoughts on “It’s a Green Car: 2015 Opel Astra”

    1. That´s a great colour choice. Thanks for that. I have to disagree about emerald green though. With some nice brightwork to set it off it would look good as an estate.
      We don´t do orange here, by the way. Article 5 of the DTW constitution. Further reference may lead to a ban by the moderator. Just saying.

  1. I agree, it looks a bit outdated to me too. It was VERY popular not only with Xantias, but also on the XM. I’ve realy seen enough of it. I’d prefer the lime or mint shades (or also something tending more towards olive/greyish/brownish, like on my own car). Or even better: orange.

    1. The XM green struck a dismal note, Simon. Were all S2s that colour? It seemed so. Toyota had a similar colour for the first Avensis. With a grey interior it managed complete anonymity.

    2. Yes, that XM green was metallic, or “nacré” as they called it, which I don’t know how to translate: pearlescent?
      I didn’t realize that the Astra’s was a plain colour. It’s rather odd, and I imagine it looks quite basic, especially when it has become a little dull. Early zero-spec commercial Berlingos had a colour like this.

  2. They also did the Subaru Legacy in a slightly incongruous shade of something like BRG … Rovers always looked good in that shade, and even the old MG Metro, but never really on a car as Japanese as a Subaru.

  3. I always thought of this Subaru green as of something like a hunter’s green, not BRG. Which goes quite well for e.g. a Forester. Or are we talking about different shades here?

    1. It is a flatter shade than BRG – I was being a bit lazy with my description. It did work on the Forester, but was just wrong on the Legacy saloon (2003-2009) for some reason.

      To Richard’s point, aside from the infamous bright blue of the WRX Imprezas, there was a very smart Royal Blue Pearl which looked a treat.

  4. I recently saw a Citroen C1 in mica – green – a very fine decent green in my eyes. But a absolutely fantastic green has a DS DS3 Racing (it is not a Citroen, isn´t it?) at the 60th Citroen DS Anniversary at Montlhéry.

  5. That’s a riotous colour. How was the 60th anniversary event? It must have been interesting with stacks of old DSs parked everywhere. I attended the ICCCR in Interlaken in 2004 (I think) and had a very good time.

    1. Yes, great colour! We should see more like this on the streets.
      It reminds me of the C5 I sometimes see in my home town:

      There is also a similarly coloured Audi A3 (previous generation) that passes in front of my office from time to time.

      I think you’re right about 2004 Richard, and we might already have seen each other, unknowingly.

    2. The C5 looks handsome in that colour. It’s very unGermanic, which was not the line that Citroen was goose-stepping to at the car’s launch. Incidentally, I once saw a Xsara in a very similar colour and it looked bloody awful. Illustration if any were needed that shape and colour should always be considered together.

  6. I only saw pictures of this event – and still regret that i was not there.

    60 ans DS
  7. Simon: I have never, ever seen a green C5. In Denmark they are all grey or black or white. That´s astonishing. What a difference that colour makes.
    Daniel: did you want to say something?
    Markus: I regret it as well. I think it would have been really enjoyable to see a lot of these vehicles in one place. And the racing must have been great fun. I really like seeing DSs move. It´s magical and you can´t really often say that about cars in motion (apart from the Jaguar film which Eoin posted).

    1. Mind you, this was not a colour Citroën offered. The car was standing in front of a car wrapping shop, for a reason…
      Otherwise, the C5s I see around here (IF I see any) are greyscale as well.

    1. I’m afraid, it’s exactly as you say. The only “green” ever available for the C5 was “Suroît”, the dark olive-greyish colour I also have on my C6. It lasted about one or two years.

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