How Old Is Subaru’s Range?

This little survey was prompted by SV Robinson. How old is the Subaru range and what does it consist of?

Can you name this car? It is available in three colours: Subaru UK
Can you name this car? It is available in three colours: Subaru UK

The price ranges from £17,500 to £30,000 (rounded up a shade). The average price is £24,700. The Outback and Forester are available with six options;  the XV with four and the others with one or two. What is a Levorg? I have not read any reviews of this and the name is appallingly made up. You can read Autocar’s view here (it’s a 4-wheel drive estate). There’s no Legacy, note. When did that happen? Subaru’s range is composed entirely of niche vehicles, barring the Impreza which is a five door, five-seater hatchback. Everything else is niche with a topping of niche (boxer engines or boxer diesel engines).

Here´s one of the other two colours. Goodness, it is ...brave: Subaru UK.
Here’s one of the other two colours. Goodness, it is …brave: Subaru UK.

Some numbers – Outback: 2014; Levorg 2014; Forester 2013; XV and Impreza 2012; WRX STi 2014; BRZ 2012. And before you wonder idly about the BRZ, the answer is 1.8 years. Or call it two years, for convenience with the BRZ the oldest car in the range.

We salute this eccentricity. I do wish that the cars looked more conventionally ugly though. The Levorg is really quite appalling but not in a breeze-block way so much as in a misapplication of styling features kind of way. It has a 1.6 litre boxer engine and AWD. They need to try understatement, don’t they?

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11 thoughts on “How Old Is Subaru’s Range?”

  1. The Levorg was launched as a concept car at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Here in kiwiland we like Subaru (apparently “more Subaru’s are driven per capita in New Zealand than anywhere else in the world” says Subaru NZ) but the Levorg is not part of the range, just the Outback crossover estate and Legacy saloon if you want a larger ‘Subie’ than the Forester/Impreza/XV/WRX siblings. Subaru Australia is promoting Levorg for 2016 though so perhaps next year. Used imported Levorgs will be showing up from Japan soon enough though.

    1. Subedit demerits for overuse of ‘though’. I wish the comments section allowed for editing of posts.

  2. I do not mind the styling of the Levorg. It is certainly a big step up from some of Subaru’s recent efforts. The name however is quite awful.

  3. I actually wanted to write about the Levorg, but didn’t have the time so far. It was displayed last week outside our local shopping centre. With Switzerland being probably second in per-capita Subarus behind NZ, it’s not an unimportant event, I guess.

    I was looking forward to the Levorg (not its name, though) when I saw it announced. I felt like it could be a bit mor what Subaru was stinding for than other recent developments. With the 2007 Impreza, the 2010 Legacy and the 2012 Forester, they seemed to lose themselves. They went away from characteristic shapes (think of the Impreza estate) and frameless windows towards bloated proportions and carelessly added details (creases, of course, among others).

    I think the Levorg still has a lot of ugly detailing, but its general, sleeker shape with some angles suits me. The estate format that they have lost with the Impreza is coming back, and this is important for the German speaking market. I think they sold about three or four Legacy saloons here in total. But one thing left me really disturbed after I saw it in the flesh. Apparently the car is based on the Impreza, which could be quite OK if they hadn’t kept the wheelbase. This way, it is really out of proportion, and I wonder how it affects seating space.

    By the way, there are are seven colours available in Switzerland, but not the nice turquoise you show (although it appears in many pictures on the website). We also have some specific “Swiss” and “Swiss S” trim levels – that shows the importance of the Swiss market for Subaru. During the ’80s and ’90s basically every second car sold above 1000 m of altitude was a Subaru. Let’s hope the Levorg can win some customers back they lost to VW/Skoda.

  4. Thanks for this Richard – an informative summation of the Subaru range of offerings. It’s clear that the range is not old in reality, so why is it that it feels that way? I think the answer is that none of the recent launches – with the possible exception of the BRZ (as nothing like it existed then, but its problem is that it is largely forgotten, overshadowed by the GT86) – seemed like a step forward on what was in place in, say, 2005.

    So … Take the Legacy. In 2005, one had a very nicely, if conservatively, styled saloon and estate, beautifully engineered to include a wonderful 3.0 H6, that was kind of a well-kept secret alternative to a 3-Series, A4, C-CLass, etc. (although Subaru always claimed it was a competitor for the class above). The Outback was the “Country file” version of that. It was replaced in 2009/ 10 by a larger and more practical, but awkwardly styled car that looked more like a Chevy Epica. Perhaps spotting a future sales turd, Subaru UK did not bother officially importing the saloon, so one could buy only the Legacy Estate or Outback. The H6 became a 3.6L, but I’ve never seen one. It was a big step backwards. I never considered one to replace my beloved Spec-B saloon, which I still consider to be the best-styled car I have ever owned. My hopes were raised by announcements of the 2014 car, but, no, even though it’s a little more like-able than what came before, it still represents a step-back from my 2006 reg saloon. Hence, this 2014 generation of cars now has no Legacy and just the Outback coming to the UK

    It’s the same for the Forester (which was a terrific concept and car in 2005, but is now just another, rather ugly, me-too SUV) and the Impreza/ WRX, which has all but vanished in terms of sales. The XV is to the Impreza what the Outback is/ was to the Legacy Estate, and the Levorg (which – as a fatuous asides – spells groveL when read backwards) is pitched as being in spirit a replacement for the 2005 MY Legacy Estate, but, as Richard points out, is stylistically a mess. Overall, a complete dogs breakfast of a range.

    Moreover, Subaru does not seemed to have moved forward with its engineering tech, and much as I love the Boxer-four and symmetrical AWD, the emissions and power outputs on almost every engine is way off the pace, and there is no hybrid, EV, or PHEV, or anything like that to tickle voguish fancies.

    Put another way, I guess I am still waiting for a proper and desirable replacement for a car that I bought in February 2006, which seems a long time ago, and so I consider their range to be outdated and occupying niches that don’t appeal to me. I live in hope for Subaru, though, much as I did about SAAB, and still do for Volvo, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot …

  5. I think it sounds like the name for an alien from Doctor Who. “Doctor, Levorg needs us to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow …. he is about lose control of the magnetic ion flux….”

  6. To be pedantic, I think Levorg really reminds everyone of “The Borg”, which were the main enemy aliens that repeatedly bugged Picard and crew in Star Trek: The Next Generation (sort of like what the Daleks or Cybermen are to Dr Who).

    There, now I’ve totally confirmed my nerd status to all and sundry. I may have to change my nom de plume as a consequence.

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