Theme : Economy – Introduction

Will The Editor spare his words for this month’s theme?


Miserliness, Parsimoniousness, Meanness. None of these terms is ever used to indicate approval yet surely, as we go through life, the trail we leave should be as slight as possible, except in our achievements. We might look back at our ancestors and forgive them their profligacy, on the assumption that they didn’t properly understand the nature of our Earth. But, today, even those who believe in a deity, usually acknowledge that they have been given enough autonomy to be responsible for the finite resources they have been provided with.

However, there remain those who convince themselves that the World will go on forever much as it is, there are those who just don’t care what happens after they are gone and there are there are those who might be so fixated on the apocalypse that they are encouraging it to happen in their lifetimes. Beyond these, if we want our descendants to give us one iota of respect, the rest of us should have no shame in being as Economical as we can.

Despite this, and although it may lack the pejorative nature of the above nouns, the concept of ‘Economy’ still has trouble being accepted as an entirely positive virtue. Economy is often viewed as something that personal circumstances might require you to embrace during your life but that, if things change, you can dispense with and spread your net of consumption as wide as you please. This should not be the case.

There are many potential economies in the Motor Industry – Economy of Scale, Economy of Specification, Economy of Effort, Economy of Materials, Economy of Production, Economy of Fuel and, high on the agenda as I write this, Economy of Truth. We shall certainly be looking at some of these this October.

I could write more, but I’ll conserve my resources.

7 thoughts on “Theme : Economy – Introduction”

  1. Is that modern buzzword ‘sustainability’ just ‘economy’ with better brand managers, or something different?

  2. Surely ‘Sustainability’ is flying to, say, New Zealand then planting a tree to make amends. ‘Economy’ is staying at home. Or is Economy flying to New Zealand and getting Deep Vein Thrombosis?

    1. Economy can be both of those options. Premium Economy is flying to New Zealand without DVT, or staying at home with more expensive furniture.

    2. Economy can certainly be exhausting. I remember a particularly tough flight from Shanghai to Munich on Lufthansa, but I digress. Sustainable Economy would be nice, but I’m wondering if it’s in the same category as Clean Diesel…

    3. In the light of Mr Hamilton’s scepticism about my claim for Sustainable Economy, I feel compelled to offer my resignation to the Founders of Driven To Write. I am standing down in the interests of DTW, although I am not aware of any wrongdoing on my part. This is, however, the only way that DTW can win back the trust of its readers. I am endlessly sorry.

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