Ashtrays- 1979 Ford Capri

This one is perfect: a high-mounted central drawer-type tray on a car with only 50,00 km under its wheels. As usual it’s in Silkeborg and not Aarhus.


The location of this ashtray is so instinctive. And this is where useless touch-screens are put instead. This is a terrible development when you see what originally occupied that space on the dashboard.
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Theme: Economy – Spend Now Or Spend Later?

Economy sounds like a very objective word. It’s to do with numbers and we all agree what they mean, don’t we?

A lifetime of motoring: hyundai uk
A lifetime of motoring: hyundai uk

If we assume a person drives for fifty years of their life, is it cheaper to buy a long-lived car or to drive a fuel-efficient but short-lived mayfly? Whilst numbers can be applied to both scenarios, it is really a value judgement about which set we prefer.

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