Ashtrays- 1979 Ford Capri

This one is perfect: a high-mounted central drawer-type tray on a car with only 50,00 km under its wheels. As usual it’s in Silkeborg and not Aarhus.


The location of this ashtray is so instinctive. And this is where useless touch-screens are put instead. This is a terrible development when you see what originally occupied that space on the dashboard.

And here it is in closed position:

1979 Ford Capri ashtray.
1979 Ford Capri ashtray.

The car is immaculate and selling for about €12000.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

3 thoughts on “Ashtrays- 1979 Ford Capri”

  1. I have fond memories of the Capri. I know it soldiered on for 123 years with black bumpers, roof gutters and a rear axle made from a neolithic cart, but what fun that car was.

  2. Gavin Green tested it against a GTV6 in 1984 and judged it to be the better car. I saw just this car, the 2.8, in another dealer (they had four immaculate Capris to choose from). Sitting in one is distinctly differerent from a saloon. One is low down and reclined.

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