Can Lincoln Really Do Luxury Luxuriously Enough?

Car and driver headlined an article about Lincoln with wording about the brand’s  focus on luxury over performance. They didn’t really address the point.

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I’ve been very busy so it’s taken me eleven days to get around to drawing your attention to this one. After the boiler-plate text about there not being any chance of European sales (there will never be European sales of Lincolns), the blog from Car and Driver gets down to the point and notes how luxury not performance is the main focus of the new Continental.

This is a theme we like to bang on about at DTW, the by-now tiresome predominance of performance over non-quantitative aspects. You could be cynical and say Continue reading “Can Lincoln Really Do Luxury Luxuriously Enough?”

Driven To Write’s All Time Top Fifty Best Ever Cars 39-30

Find out how DTW ranks the best cars from the 39th to 30th. This list is definitive, by the way. All decisions are final.

1986 Fiat Croma 2.0 i.e., a car from the days when Fiat could sell a moderately large family car.
1986 Fiat Croma 2.0 i.e:

39. Another stunning car from Fiat: practical, modern and easy to drive. The doors were essentially the same as those found on the Lancia Thema, Alfa Romeo 164 and Saab 9000. No other mid-size family saloon could make that claim. The Croma was galvanised from sills to roof and resisted rust like no other Fiat before it.  Continue reading “Driven To Write’s All Time Top Fifty Best Ever Cars 39-30”