Any Colour So Long As It’s Red (except the bottom line)

Mazda brought in more cash than expected so far this year. That means three operating profits in a row. How will they spend all that money?

2015 Mazda MX-5, yours for €22,000:
2015 Mazda MX-5, yours for €22,000:

Three cars helped out Mazda’s bottom line: The Mazda2, the CX3 and the MX-5. The older cars in the Mazda showroom all continue to sell well too. Europe’s part in this to contribute a 21% increase in vehicle turnover. Japan – despite a two decade doldrum of historic dimensions – provided a 33% increase. China did well as well (but for how much longer. Will China be able to keep providing sales volume for Mazda?

You can read the glorious numbers here if you feel curious. Mazda have an effective press office who send me information because I asked for it, unlike Fiat and Subaru who didn’t bother.

By the end of the year Mazda expects it will have shifted about 1.5 million cars, up 25,000 units. Again, I can’t help thinking of poor Alfa Romeo with three models for sale.

Three cars made to look like seven: Alfa Romeo UK
Three cars made to look like seven: Alfa Romeo UK

Out of curiosity I looked at the Mazda2 colour range. In the UK the lovely bright metallic green is now gone. The British range of colours omits one colour that wacky continentals might choose, a kind of aubergine blue colour.

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6 thoughts on “Any Colour So Long As It’s Red (except the bottom line)”

  1. I know you have gone off red cars, but that Soul Red in Mazda’s range is really very nice and so I am not surprised it is such a common choice. For the 2, there is an odd, light violet colour that one can choose in the UK, but I’ve not seen your green.

    1. My missus insisted upon having her CX5 in Soul Red. It is an excellent shade especially in bright light and polishes up very well.

  2. Mazda’s direct marketing efforts are similarly impressive. Just last week we received the Mazda magazine (called Zoom-Zoom, funnily enough) and it was very well put together: interesting, well written and with excellent graphic design and photography. The US online edition is linked herewith:

    1. Hi, yes I received the same, even though I bought my Mazda as “nearly new”, and agree that it’s remarkably good given its provenance and purpose.

  3. New shape MX5s are now being released into the wild in the UK and I have to say that I am quite impressed. Being a fan of the mark 1 and the mark 3’s reprise of the same style language I expected not to like the mark 4 so much, but in the metal it is a fine looking machine: very angular and dinky. Of course, both examples I have seen thus far were in Soul Red.

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