Micropost – Alfa Romeo 3-Series?

Alfa Romeo’s design chief, Alessandro Maccolini, denies that the new Giulia was inspired by the BMW 3-series. Instead, he cites the 156 as the main reference. 

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I added the Jaguar XE for comparison. My own view is that this is a matter of convergent evolution while also feeling that the resemblance to the 156 is, at best, passing and perhaps coincidental. Those strakes on the Alfa’s bodyside are not very original but the idea is quite generic anyway.

Not Quite Understanding Modernism

Renault unveiled this object (which honours the architect Le Corbusier) a few weeks ago but I have not had time to deal with it until now.

2015 Renault Corbusier concept: Renault.com
2015 Renault Corbusier concept: Renault.com

As luck would have it, I have been reading a lot about Modernism in the meantime…

It’s the 50th anniversary of the death of Le Corbusier and Renault’s designers have decided to mark this by unveiling a car that shows no deep understanding of Le Corbusier or Modernism’s tenets in any way at all. Modernism had a variety of strands. In architecture one of them was social justice where the worthy intention was to Continue reading “Not Quite Understanding Modernism”