Micropost: DTW’s Three Best Clock Radios for Waking You Up Before You Go Driving

Another month, another three iconic clock radios to wake you up with. DTW has been to the 45th Geneva Clock Radio show to review the best in the new clock radios aimed at drivers or people who like cars generally.

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First, the Digitron Aqua Terra 150 M with a ten minute snooze function. It has anti-magnetic rating of 15,008 Gauss. The transparent back reveals a solid-state transistor wireboard. It has FM and AM functions. The Magnovoxx Seamaster Professional has a convincing wood-effect case and a striking retro-digital display. The base is subtly recessed to give the clock-radio a floating effect. The alarm can be preset for two different wake-up times. Finally the 300 LD-50 which is the actual clock radio that appeared in the backround of the movie The Bourne Inheritance .

The display is set to appear at the time shown in film. Press a button on the back to display the real time. Prices are from £12.00 to £15. These clock radios are a must for any man interested in waking up to go driving at some point in the day. They will also certainly impress whoever gets to drive back home with you!


Theme : Romance – The King Is Dead. Long Live The King!

Ever iconoclastic, DTW fearlessly investigates Bromance …..or is it Necromance?

Enemo of the people 2

Life is full of those niggling prejudices. However open-minded and liberal one tries to be, there are always certain things that one can’t excuse. Here’s a very short personal list, by no means comprehensive : Comedians. Pernod. Farting on the Underground. The Bugatti Veyron. Of course only one of the above is noxiously anti-social – and you know which one that is don’t you Ferdi? Continue reading “Theme : Romance – The King Is Dead. Long Live The King!”