Micropost: Driven To Write’s Top Sundial For Drivers

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s article on the top three clock-radios for drivers and petrolheads, we present the sundial of the day. “I am not expecting you to talk, Mr Bond…”

James Bond´s sundial.
James Bond´s sundial.

Ever since a sundial appeared in the film “Moonraker” this design has had an iconic place in the hearts of Bond fans and driving enthusiasts alike. Forget Tag Heuer and Breitling: this brass sundial with a concrete base says all you need to know about telling the time and driving excitement. The elaborate mechanism features a pointed triangular element that casts a shadow to indicate the approximate time. It is accurate to within a few hours for most of the year. But you had better save up: it costs £259 though it is certainly bound to be collectible due to its Bond associations.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

9 thoughts on “Micropost: Driven To Write’s Top Sundial For Drivers”

  1. Odd you should feature this, Richard, since I’ve recently been wanting to match up the more conventional inside of my Cube with the outside. As such, I’ve been seriously considering purchasing one of these, together with the matching rev counter and speedometer to replace the rather dull existing instrument panel. Though maybe I had better wait until next Summer.

  2. I think there is an overlap between the interests of drivers and those who wish to tell the time. I want to broaden DTW´s remit to take in a bit of lifestyle. I hope this focus on timepieces can help with that. I may continue to broaden the focus of DTW with driving-related clothing, food and consumer goods. Maybe golf too. It´s not a coincidence a driver is a type of club used in golf, is it? 100% of golfers drive to their club to use the driver on the driveway. And Golf is a type of car too.

  3. My own experience is that ‘life’ and ‘style’ do not sit well together. It is a combination that you have to work very hard at. Some here may cite Mr Steve McQueen. Some Mr Bryan Ferry. There are others, though even these people might impress some by their ‘lifestyle’ yet leave others unmoved. But what is clear is that the magical combination cannot be achieved by buying something like a £4,999.00 watch, off-the-shelf. You (by which I mean I) just end up being transformed from a dork, to someone who has been conned out of hard-earned money in exchange for an overpriced wristband – in other words a bigger dork..

    Nevertheless, I know that we have at least one golfer on these pages, so perhaps we need to cast our net wider.

    1. One golfer! That´s a start! My feeling is that lifestyle is something to work at and to strive for. Owning things helps a lot in this regard. They need to be stylish things, of course.

    2. If you thought the eagle-eyed commentor subediting was brutal enough on the writing about cars, I can imagine a whole new level of pain if you dare to start wtiting about Golf…

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