Great Idea, Let’s Not Do It.

Autocar reported that Gordon Murray, Shell and Geo Technology have designed a three-seater city car capable of 100 mpg. And they have no intention to build it. 

Gordon Murray and the T25:
Gordon Murray and the T25:

After a fascinating lead in with a fistful of interesting insights on how to get an engine to eke out the petrol, this sentence appears: “There is no intention to bring T.25S to market. It is a ‘capability for analysis’ vehicle, said Shell Lubricant’s innovation technology manager.”

The T25S is a revision of Gordon Murray’s T25 concept which is also not in production. The technical aspects of the engine are quite numerous, by the way: a friction-busting diamond-like coating (DLC) which was applied to the camshaft, tappets and piston skirts; the design of the retainer and valve springs were changed and titanium valves were installed due to the lower engine speed; a new piston was designed, the piston skirt was shortened and the contact surface with the cylinder (which reduces engine friction); the engine has fewer…. but they aren’t going to build it… and the connecting rods extended by nine per cent. The car, which is not going to be made, is to be tested by Shell for some reason.

Here’s a link to definition of something called vaporware.

Presumably some of these ideas could be deployed on other engines, so maybe something will come of this. Right now it simply looks like a marketing exercise by Shell to remind us how their oils are super good.


Author: richard herriott

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6 thoughts on “Great Idea, Let’s Not Do It.”

  1. Maybe I’m not the average punter. Maybe I am. But my feeling when I read about interesting cars I can’t buy, whether ones announced a year ahead of availability or ones that will never see production is just frustration. Maybe publicity folk think this keeps the buzz going but I just lose interest – and some.

    In a way it’s all part of the modern idea that we should all feel excited to be allowed to look behind the scenes. Whether that’s a short film showing us how the nature film we’ve just watched was filmed. Or the actor in a soap being online to discuss how they played their character’s recent ‘challenging’ scenes. Or a car company letting us share in the genesis and development of their product. Do we feel empowered? Fuck no. Or not me at least. I feel they’re patronising me and wasting more of my time. Their image is diminished.

    1. I agree that Murray’s T25 venture is becoming irritating and I think he is losing credibility over it. It seems like he has been flying this kite for a long time now – maybe he needs to find another one … Oh, I forgot, he has, it’s called the new TVR.

    2. It’s a difficult one. Murray probably feels that it’s the auto industry that loses credibility by not falling over one other to adopt his project. And, to an extent, I agree. But then he should know how depressingly conservative the industry is and, also, that maybe in taking a project from a high-profile designer, a company might feel it is losing face.

    1. Imagine if some sinking brand had Gordon Murray “curate” or “oversee” a new car. Imagine the benefits. If, say Renault or Opel had a Gordon Murrayed car that would be quite a coup and make sure it’s a “secret”. Don’t put his name on the bootlid.

    2. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly admire the guy and really wish that the T would be picked up and run with by a manufacturer – Yamaha looked pretty close to doing that, and that nice little sporty number they showed at Tokyo had a lot of appeal to my eyes, but I’m a bit sick of him rolling out the T25 and no one being able to buy it.

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