2016 Lexus RX Is Given A Make-Over

These wilfully contrived C-pillars are a particularly nasty feature. I spent a very few minutes trying to see what the 2016 Lexus RX would look like with a revised sideglass and C-pillar. 

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You can see why the designer might do this but it still doesn’t make it right. On my revised version I scratched out the horrible bumper and sketched in some rectangles to suggest fog-lamps. Don’t look too close at the image. I don’t use Photoshop but a free programme called CrayonMoron.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

7 thoughts on “2016 Lexus RX Is Given A Make-Over”

  1. Where are Toyota and Lexus going, design-wise? I just don’t understand that.
    I once considered them an alternative for my life after Citroën, but this idea seems less and less attractive. Every novelty seems to be worse than its predecessor. And much, much worse than I could ever imagine.

  2. “The character of a well designed car can be sketched with a single stroke.” Lexus design process: first create 20 separate proposals, lika all companies do. But unlike other companies, instead of selecting a single proposal, they combine all 20 into a single car with an overloaded design.

    1. Very well observed! Besides that feature overload it’s also the exaggerated aggressivity that I find so repulsive.

    2. …and unfortunately they took the wheelbase of the Toyota Auris….

    3. That’s pertinent. The Japanese approach to front ends is to destructure them. The Toyota Prius is an example where the sculpting is very dominant. There’s room in the world for new shapes. What’s troubling here is how these ideas are executed. No doubt how they were executed is a conscious part of the design.

  3. I think Lexus has hits and misses. The NX and the IS are actually fairly attractive designs. For those looking for a more distinctive and aggressive design they are much preferable to Audi’s conservative and “one sausage different sizes” design language.

    The RX I agree is a mess. Although the C pillar is not necessarily the culprit. This new trend in C pillar design can work nicely if done right, for example the Mazda CX3.

  4. Hello Ramzi.
    Conceivably, Lexus are not trying to appeal to their customers by offering a variation on what Audi do so well. While I liked the LS400 back in the day, it was panned as being bland. Ever since then Lexus has been a mix of badge-engineered Toyota´s and whatever look happened to find favour inside Toyota. I would be able to make sense of what they do if it was at least consistent. That some of it is not even very well thought through detracts from the required image of enduring quality a top-drawer brand has to have.

    I will take a look at the Mazda and see if it demands a DTW remodelling….

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