2015 Infiniti Q60 Gets A New C-pillar

Infiniti showed us this car in January. The c-pillar treatment is startling. I revised it.

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There are two things you can do when the side glass has a potentially pointy outline. One is to acknowledge that this is the result of the angles set up elsewhere and fill that triangular gap with a matching piece of glass (with all the cost that entails). Our good friend the Opel Astra F did this.

The other thing is to cut off the triangular tip and make the glass into a four-sided shape which means you could use less glass and perhaps articulate the junction of the c-pillar with the rear wing. Hofmeister Kinks are an example of this.

Infiniti have dodged these alternatives by introducing a second triangular edge. The Q60 has nice proportions and acceptably modern sculpting (if you like that kind of thing) and then over-eggs the omelette with a zig-zag on the side glass. Look at where the door shut comes close to a feature line starting in front of the rear wheel. Busy, isn’t it?

I’ve deleted this on my alternative sketches to see if it would help. You can read some comments from Forbes here.


Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

One thought on “2015 Infiniti Q60 Gets A New C-pillar”

  1. I’m not as much concerned with the door shutline as with the obvious mismatch of the wavy sculpting over the rear wheel and the window corner(s). One more reason why the latter should have been avoided. It’s a pity they added such things when overall the car is much more restrained and elegant than the current Infinitis we see (rarely) on the streets.

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