2010 Ford Start

With a few changes this little car might have made a much better Ka than the drab little oyster they actually sold.

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It’s the 2010 Ford Start which majored on efficiency and was shown at the Beijing Motor Show. Personally I dislike the C-pillar treatment, something of a theme of mine recently so I roughly changed it to show something less fragile and ill-considered.

The centrepiece of the car was a 3-cylinder Ecoboost engine for useful city economy. The exterior styling has some Ka-like shapes and was rather elegant, with just a few major styling flourishes superimposed on a sleek body. One wonders why this idea never made it any further than the showcar podium other than the fact it is not of a piece with the busy style of the Kinetically designed cars they already sell.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

3 thoughts on “2010 Ford Start”

  1. NIce car – your rework of the C pillar is not unlike that of the C6, and muck better than the original. As you write, why more of this did not make it into the latest Ka, Ford only knows. One doubts the wisdom of doing lovely little concepts like this when production models are so dreary and made to seem worse by the concepts that are shown around them.

    1. much – not muck! Sorry, that’s what happens when one leaves replies whilst between calls 🙂

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