A Concept for Sunday – 1985 Peugeot Griffe 4

Earlier in the week we discussed the phenomenon of glazed C-pillars – a design feature popular during the mid-to late 1980’s. Here’s another example of the breed.

Image via carstyling.ru
Image: carstyling.ru

Pininfarina’s 1985 Griffe 4 concept was created to honour the carrozzeira’s 30-year association with Peugeot, which began with the 403 model. What’s interesting here is not only its use of the glazed C-pillar treatment, (if indeed they can be described as pillars at all), but the fact that it resembles a rather prettier Subaru XT.

Of course the Griffe 4 also previewed some of the styling themes for the later Peugeot 405 and 605 saloons and controversially (as it would turn out), the Alfa Romeo 164, so there’s really rather a lot going on here…

Image also via carstyling.ru
Prescient. Image: carstyling.ru
Subaru XT - image via zeperfs
For comparison purposes – Subaru XT. Image: zeperfs

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

2 thoughts on “A Concept for Sunday – 1985 Peugeot Griffe 4”

  1. The XT picture just reminded me that I really liked these hubcaps that make a perfect match with the car’s angular shapes.

    Regarding the Griffe, this is really Peugeot at its best: simple, light-handed shapes, a character of its own, proportions spot-on. I like the colour, too.

  2. The bit of the Griffe that I noticed is the way the bodyside is formed to obviate clear wheel arch lips. Above the cut outs the body narrows – what you see on the 605 with extra refinement.
    Thanks for posting this, Eoin!

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