More Commercial Vehicle News

While we are on the topic of pick-up trucks, Nissan have something to say about their newish NP300 Navara.

2015 Nissan Navarra:
2015 Nissan NP 300 navara:

Nissan call it the ‘world’s best pick-up’ which is quite a claim. Many Ford F-150 owners might have another opinion on that. The Navara did manage to win the International Pick-Up of the Year award so that’s something, I suppose. The price for one of these is a bit north of Ford’s ranger, nearly £18,500. The Navara comes in five trim levels and comes with a double or king cab so it’s ready to Continue reading “More Commercial Vehicle News”

Art Fitzpatrick

The prolific and incredibly talented Art Fitzpatrick has died. We take an appreciative look back at his remarkable body of work.

Image by Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufmann:
Image by Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufmann:

We have featured a number of Fitz and Van’s illustrations at DTW over the last two years and we are very sorry to hear of his passing. His work was an inspiration to many in car design and anyone interested in drawing.
Between 1959 and 1971 Art Fitzpatrick worked with former Disney illustrator Van Kaufmann to create lush and evocative imagery for GM cars, primarily Pontiac. Continue reading “Art Fitzpatrick”