Christmas Competition

‘Talent borrows, genius steals’, the saying goes. It’s still bad manners though.


As Editor, it is with grim satisfaction that I note, with a New Year approaching, the enormous PR machine that lies dormant beneath the DTW offices might need to be put into action to reconsider our ‘World’s Least Influential Motoring site’ strapline.

Following’s Eóin’s definitive works on the genesis of both the XJ-S and XJ40 Jaguars, and with unacknowledged extracts from the former already having recently surfaced in print elsewhere, his July profile of Bob Knight seems to have inspired others in the mainstream to reassess this often overlooked giant of Jaguars past.

Those who have read the piece note the uncanny similarity in content and tone, plus the seemingly direct use of a quote. From my own experience, I know only too well the ends to which an imminent deadline push one so, if we have been of assistance to the ‘Big Boys’, my cup runneth over with bashful satisfaction.

Any suggestions for a new strapline would be welcome, and we will offer a small prize. Possibly a subscription to Octane, though regular readers here might feel that unnecessary. Sean, with his usual glib predictability, has suggested ‘World’s Most Plagiarised …. etc’, but that is both wildly presumptuous and incorrect. That accolade certainly belongs elsewhere, possibly to the outstanding

21 thoughts on “Christmas Competition”

  1. It does kind of give a new twist to the phrase “free thinking”.

    And, AROnline is a terrific site, an absolute gold-mine of information.

  2. Driven to Write: Purveyors of top-quality Octane boosters and motoring wisdom

    1. Fucking Ingrates! Still what do you expect from a bunch of tree huggers? Can anyone point me in the way of Clarkson’s Twitter page I need a bit of fresh air. Oops, missed a comma there.

  3. It’s pertinent that Sean should invoke The Clarkson. Just the other day, I was considering that a non-consensual contrarian such as he is absolutely perfect for this age of social and old-media fuelled over-opinionation. Maybe we should all start harbouring secret drinking problems and pick fights with our producers? (I am half way there already.)

    1. Rumour has it that JC is acting as advisor on behalf of The Donald Trump Car Collection®, a new venture intended to offer the finest of American engineering, with added Trump®-branded accoutrements, through a select dealership network, to America’s most demanding clientele. If sources are to be believed, Clarkson will soon be announced as MD of what is so far known as PTB (‘Project Trump Briddish’).

      I guess it’s JC’s experience with bespoke automobile conversions that’s made him a shoe-in, as well as his traditionalist stance regarding most matters.

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