Citroen E-Mehari Revealed

Here’s the new Citroen E-Mehari, an electric vehicle they call an ‘image accelerator’. Automotive News did the initial report.

2016 Citroen E-Mehari
2016 Citroen E-Mehari

Citroen’s own press site is still reporting on their tie-up with Toyota though. The E-Mehari is a reskin of the Bollore Bluesummer – made in the same plant – and takes some of its styling cues from the C-Cactus. Like Fiat, one model seems to be defining the look of the brand, which was perhaps not expected when they launched the C-Cactus. 

2016 Bollore Bluesummer: automotive
2016 Bollore Bluesummer: automotive

The headlamps on the Citroen are more refined and the window frame looks to be the same part. I wonder what Bollore think? It depends on the price. I expect the Citroen will cost a bit more as it has fancier lamps and more parts (note the black cladding). Perhaps this will sell in southern Europe as a hotel tender-vehicle or a little runabout on small islands catering for holiday-makers.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

10 thoughts on “Citroen E-Mehari Revealed”

  1. A very clever way of getting round Simon’s veto on linking Citroen directly to this month’s theme Richard.

    Image accelerator? Qué?

    Nice colour.

  2. “I wonder what Bollore think”

    The answer is probably: not much. Why should they care?

    1. Maybe so, but from what I’ve read the two vehicles are effectively the same, built in the same PSA factory in Rennes, and if I understand correctly the batteries are the main input from Bollore group so quite likely it is what they really care about.

  3. It’s quite a neat rework of the donor vehicle, but the whole initiative seems Desperate – like MGR’s City Rover from the Tata Indica debacle.

  4. I like it. Comparing the Eeh, Me Harry to the Bolero Bluewater illustrates the value that design can add to a product. Even though the two are ostensibly the same vehicle, the Citroen appears far more sophisticated and thus the more expensive of the two.

  5. So, does that mean that the Bollore was actually engineered by Citroen in the first place?

    I can’t deny that it’s a competent reply to the design brief. If offered a Mehari as a holiday novelty runaround, I’d be quite pleased, whereas there is something of the G-Wiz about the Bollore.

    1. Nothing I’ve read so far has really clarified the extent of PSA’s involvement in the development of the car, but since it is officially a re-packaged vehicle (and the Bollore Blue-thingy is distributed by Citroen), one can only guess that Bollore is not too bothered if the Mehari sells more as long as they get a decent return.

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