Waku Doki Micropost

Partly to make us look industrious and partly because I hate putting images into the comments box, I have turned this into a micropost. It relates to Sean’s article yesterday. How systematic is Waku-Doki? It’s this systematic: 

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Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

5 thoughts on “Waku Doki Micropost”

  1. In fairness to Toyota, there is probably also a flat-bottomed sporty looking steering wheel inside the blue thing. And the blue colour is a little bit exciting too. But I agree that Toyota’s engineers seem to have begrudgingly tacked on a bit of superficial waku-doki to keep Akio Toyoda happy rather than out of any sudden desire to out-zoom Mazda. Although it does seem that busy creases are the order of the day at most of the Japanese carmakers these days.

  2. One reason for the Waku-Doki front end to look tacked on might be that it actually is. The rest of the car is still the old Avensis that has been around since 2008 (except the steering wheel, of course). Apparently this segment has become too marginal for Toyota to develop a completely new car. (Although such a car would probably have remained on the same level of waku-dokiness as the one we see here…)

  3. Whatever Waku-Doki’s supposed to mean (does Linda Jackson have a new job?), I rather like the new front of both Avensis and Auris. It’s clean and sophisticated enough – at least compared to some of the competition.

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