Theme : Disappointment : BMW 335d X-Drive Touring

DTW is underwhelmed by the overwhelming.

335d TouringI was recently treated to a lift in my boss’s 15-plate (actually, he has a personal plate on it), 335d X-Drive Touring (car model names are so stressful and exhausting these days), which he has had “chipped” by DMS to deliver an unfathomable amount of BHP and torque. Continue reading “Theme : Disappointment : BMW 335d X-Drive Touring”

Driven To Write’s Top 50 Countdown: Number 3

Ford have always had a knack for following the market closely and identifying the important trends. Here’s the appositely-named Maverick. 

2001 Ford Maverick, UK model:
2001 Ford Maverick, UK model:

This careful watching meant that after the compact SUV craze had been very well-established in the late 1990’s Ford finally pounced and introduced the remarkable Maverick in 2001. While it was one of the latecomers the Maverick stole a march on the Mazda Tribute which was all but identical and it also offered some competition to Land Rover’s Freelander which appeared in 1997. While the Freelander was riddled with iffy electronics and had build of dubious quality, the Maverick was cheaper, bigger and more efficient. It thus provided competition to one of Ford’s own nameplates too, making for an interesting situation in terms of brand management.  Continue reading “Driven To Write’s Top 50 Countdown: Number 3”