Diamond Dog Remixed

Recently we had a bit of a discussion about the DS brand. I suggested the DS5 could do with being lower and having a different front fascia. 

(c) independent.ie

Squint and consider the roughly-made changes wrought on the image [below]. It’s squashed by perhaps 7% and I deleted the busy stuff under the lamps. The foglamp moved rearwards. Out of curiosity I fixed the C-pillar. It’s crude work but gives at least a feel for what else this car might have been.

You’ll have to ignore the odd glitch in the A-pillar. That happened while I was compressing the image and I noticed it too late to change it.


Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

5 thoughts on “Diamond Dog Remixed”

  1. There’s also a difference in the way the slideshow appears on my mainframe at my portable multimedia communications unit. The text obscures the main change when viewed on a smart ‘phone. That’ll need to be altered too.

  2. Removing visual noise is a noble task, well played. I even see other features that could become the object of such a treatment. However, the whole appearance of the car with the lowered body and the closed C-pillar reminds me too much of the Mercedes A-class. I’d probably prefer to keep some van-ness and not alter the height, but lower the waistline. Like this, it’s really too close to the DS4, I agree with our Italian colleague.

  3. Have just seen pictures of the “new” DS3, which is a facelift, and not a major one (a la Corsa) at that! DS is becoming the new MGRover, and the DS3 the Rover 25/ MG ZR … This points to a lack of substantive available investment in PSA to develop proper new product to give Citroen and Peugeot, let alone DS, a chance to build their brands and compete. The augurs are not good for the long term; we all know what happened to MGR …

    1. Maybe they have worked out that putting money into the DS brand is a waste and they just want to get some more sales with minimum investment before locking it down a la Saturn and Rover.

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