What Could This Be?

Yesterday we showed the Lincoln Continental interior. Now we have this. Some of you may know what this is, shown at the Detroit motor show this year. If you do know, wait a while for others to guess. What is it?

What´s this? (Source: gizmag.com)
What´s this? (Source: gizmag.com)

My point is that this interior does not look remotely like its a concept and it looks quite fabulous. They are getting the hang of what do with those touch screens. Rather than have a slab stuck in a conventional cliffscape of buttons everything is enclosed on a smooth surface. It looks as if it works. Whether it does is another matter. My inner ergonomist might end up loathing this car. For the moment I can say it has a great visual coherence to it.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

11 thoughts on “What Could This Be?”

  1. Oh, it’s a quiz, sorry, I thought the title was a rhetorical question? When I first saw this car,I had thought it was what that horrid Bentley SUV probably should have looked like in production form. I really like the interior – super clean and with nice forms. This marque produced one of my favourite concepts of last year, which wold have done very nicely as a new Alfa 159 (so, Alfa 160 then?), but the production version in saloon form was equally one of the biggest let downs because it suffers comparison with the concept and the current car, which I have expressed affection for in the past.

  2. I dislike high central consoles, and steering wheels with wannabe metal inserts are not my taste, either. But the rest looks great: simple and clean, with a hint of retrofuturism (e.g. in the surrounding of the radio (or is it HVAC?)). Very nice textured surfaces on the right side!

    The inclination of the A-pillar hints to an SUV…

  3. Chris is correct of course. Now re the exterior of that car. Doesn’t it look VERY much like a modern interpretation of the G-wagen?! Right down to the square recessed lights. Remove the badges and put a Mercedes roundel on it and voila. The new G. Not from the back mind. Which is terrible.

    1. Oh, I quite liked it, sort of a more futuristic version of the new XC90 (I guess that I have been beguiled by the lights and paid less attention to the rest, maybe!)

  4. It is a very nice brown and a very good slim design. But there are no central air vents – right?

    1. If you’re talking about body colour, from memory it was green. Or maybe I’m just a terrible witness for a crime scene…

  5. I could tell by the design of the steering wheel boss that it’s a Kia – but the rest of it gives nothing away. It does look fantastic. Very old-school American style.

    1. It’s a combination of the straight lines of an 80s car and the modern treatment of the details: that’s true. Like the Citroen Cactus it’ll need good colours and materials to make it work in reality.

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