More Gestalt Revisionism

Yesterday we ran a small celebration of the Citroen ZX. Here’s a small gallery…

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…showing the car as it is, with some window-lines marked up and then some small revisions which I think are in keeping with the designs of the period. The third side glass is neither fully aligned with the lines from the main DLO nor is it markedly different. I chose to make it more clearly different.

For the third image I raised the line of the third side glass to the same height as the top of the wing. Now there are two lines. One is the hypothetical line going from the top of the bonnet to the third side glass and the other is the line of the base of the windows. This can be interpreted as a dropped window line (the base of the doors’ glass is dropped relative to the bonnet-to-tail line).

I reduced the extent of the third glass at the top, echoing the BX as well as the XM. And the headlamp assembly is brought around so it is visible in the side profile. Lastly I got rid of the ugly rubber bar running along the base of be B-pillar.

In response to Simon’s suggestion I chamfered the sideglass and then I extended the third window to meet the frame of the rear door. To really polish this one would need to adjust all the corner radii so they looked the same. At present they are a mix of sizes. I found I had to add thickness to the C-pillar but to the rear. It seemed to thin otherwise.

To give a fresh look at the conclusion I mirrored the car.

Image source: here.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

8 thoughts on “More Gestalt Revisionism”

  1. The new third window takes some time to get accustomed to, but I think the attempt goes in the right direction. What I’m (still) missing is something that unites the two imaginary lines, like the angled sections on the XM (the panels in front of the mirrors and the small fixed window in the rear door). But such a thing is easier to achieve if one opts for “hidden” pillars like in the XM. With the ZX’s rounded window corners it’s not possible without major changes, I guess.

    1. That solution would require more changes than I was prepared to make. It would look better yet. The ZX came close to having some character; small differences were all that was needed.

    2. This could show the direction of what I was thinking about:

      Yes, small changes, and not very refined in execution, but they already make a difference.

  2. i found this try with the 3-door-ZX and hidden B-pillar. It looks pretty nice and distinctive – to my eyes.

    1. For a cap-on-backwards kind of car, it´s not bad. The urge to add huge logos is where it goes wrong. It´s so distracting. I have seen cars with scores of little logos emblazoned on the side glass. There can´t be much car left once all those modded bits have been added. The ZX is a big player in the tuning world? Like the Golf it´s a blank canvas.

    2. ZX and Saxo seem to be quite popular in the tuning scene. I guess they are cheap to get and present a good base for improvements. There might even have been racing series for them with cars prepared by the manufacturer.

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