What Aren’t We Writing About?

Driven To Write’s back catalogue is now enormous. There are more than 1000 articles, covering subjects as diverse as Fords, Granadas and Mondeos. But are we missing something?

1980 Lancia Trevi 4

Is there, to be brief, something we are not talking about that you think we should?  A while back I ran a series which aimed to look at what I wasn’t writing about and why. After I exhausted that, I left the matter rest for a while. Things I haven’t written about all that much include the VW diesel fiasco, sales figures and market share and I haven’t reviewed a car for a while.

I only briefly discussed the colour palette at the Detroit motor show along with a brief discussion of Lincoln and Buick’s launches. Porsche? Ferrari? No. Audi? Nearly nothing. Infotainment? Little.  Many other websites might Continue reading “What Aren’t We Writing About?”