Whatever Happened To Pininfarina?

Mahindra and Mahindra bought Pininfarina who had been losing money for quite some time. Now plans are revealed as to their future activities.

2016 XUV Aero is built with help from Pininfarina: source
2016 XUV Aero is built with help from Pininfarina: source

The XUV Aero appeared at the New Delhi Motor show. At the same time Mahindra explained that they plan to enlist Pininfarina to design a “premium” car to offer more competition in that part of the market they specialise in, SUVs. Looking at the XUV Aero here one can hope that whatever they do has more felicitous forms. There is little “aero” about this vehicle which looks like a raised hatchback with very butch wheel arches and a style which is what one might call technicalesque.

They call it a vehicle that “takes the spirit of the cheetah and gives it an urban manifestation.” Again, there’s not much about the lithe and agile large feline in this. Automotive news says the XUV was designed with “input” from Pininfarina. That’s quite a vague description which leads one to wonder how much input was involved.

Mahindra also owns Sang Yong and Peugeot’s scooter business, bringing to three their list of loss-making ventures.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

9 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Pininfarina?”

  1. Although I abhor cack-handed design on principle, personally I’m a bit of a sucker for the ill-proportioned. This is almost fascinatingly odd. Also planned in 5 door form, though doubtless minus the obligatory clap-hands doors of the show car.

    1. It’s got the ‘made of solid plastic’ appearance of the Chrysler products we’ve been discussing elsewhere.

    2. As Richard points out in the text, ‘designed ‘with input Pininfarina’ leaves a good deal to the imagination. The 1969 Austin Maxi was also designed with Pininfarina’s ‘input’. In both cases the carrozzeira’s input probably amounted to a certain amount of hand-wringing and not a whole lot else.

  2. The bulge over the wheel arch lip is handled wrongly. It needs a small radius to connect with the shoulder line it is a continuation of.
    Solid plastic is a good description.

    1. You can almost tick off the other cars they looked at – S Class Mercedes, Honda Civic, Dodge Charger. All of them belonging to completely different genres. But as we’ve discussed previously, coherence is no longer valued that much. If the rear wings suggest the same Dodge Charger as used by the cast of the NCIS cop show, then it will send out a positive message to many.

  3. That ranks as being pretty awkward to my eyes … maybe it works better from a rear 3/4 view?

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