The 2017 Renault Megane SW Has More Chrome

It’s press release time and here I am going to regurgitate what Renault spelled out in the document they sent me today.

2017 Renault Sports Tourter: source
2017 Renault Sports Tourter: source

What can I remember from skimming the press release? I remember that the new Megane has a wider track to make it feel more solid on the road. It has the longest load bay in the class and there is brightwork on part of the edge of the sideglass.

It runs along the base of the sideglass and stops at the top of the C-pillar. The suspension features a technology called 4Control which is intended to make the car feel agile and sporty “in built-up areas”. I wonder how that works. Doesn’t the car have a very raked rear screen? It’s not especially estatey though I expect that’s why they don´t call it one.

The Sportstourer will be shown at the Geneva motor show.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

47 thoughts on “The 2017 Renault Megane SW Has More Chrome”

  1. In 1985 (on my advice) my Dad got an Audi 100 Avant company car.

    The Audi was always proportionally challenged (length to wheelbase) and I can see that a full upright box on the back wouldn’t have helped, But this was an remarkably impractical car – imagine my parents two big dogs trying to stand up in the back. Audi obviously agreed and the next model had a more conventional (ie useful) tail. But here we are back to the sad marketing ploy of persuading us that our lives aren’t just about carting boring boxes around.

    Sportstourer? Myarse!

  2. I think it makes sense to those who want added practicality, which doesn’t necessarily equate to maximum loading space. Just look at it as a hatchback with a deeper boot due to the extra length.

    1. Are actual proper estate cars that poisonous in the showroom? Practicality considerations have reduced demand for three door cars and two-door saloons – why does this demand not also mean ever more estatey estates?

    2. Because very few people actually have the need for a boxy estate?

    3. And for those who do, SUVs have now colonised that niche.

    4. And what the SUVs haven’t taken, the MPVs did. Although they are already declining again, thanks to the wannabe bigfoots.

    5. of course one could always acquire a Renault 16….rear seats out in less than one minute = 45 cubic feet of load space

  3. Laurent is right, the CUV has dominated the load lugger niche. Personally I would not bother with an estate if it could not accommodate a 2400mm length of kitchen worktop without moving the front seats.

    Anecdotally, having a raked rear window did not compromise my old Civic’s ability to swallow a washing machine. There again, dogs might have found the compromised rearward view a bit nauseating.

  4. Is that another D-pillar clad in shiny black plastic? The picture isn’t very clear in this area. If it was actually glass, I’d adore this car!

    1. Having looked at some other photos it might be an optional decoration. One photo shows it body coloured. The photo here hints at a black panel.

  5. From a straw poll here, it seems most of us aren’t too interested in that DIY run (possibly the car is a suitable excuse). For one reason or another, I’ve always needed to carry (or to be ready to carry) bulky things around. Hence my reason for owning a ridiculous 70s coupe with a compromised boot and a shortarsed Japanese novelty car. In fact I’ve always made sure i could borrow something from work. But volume is the one thing manufacturers can give us for free,more or less, yet they’re so mean with it. Would the Megane really look less of a ‘Ring Warrior with a more upright tailgate?

    1. They’re only responding to demand. What’s the load bay like in the Cube with sits folded down?
      Also for that DYI run – how often do you have to carry big square boxes? You’re more likely to either get home delivery or hire a van, rather than make it a key factor in your choice of car.

    2. The Cube isn’t as practical as it might be – only the seat backs fold down. If I didn’t have access to company load carriers, I’d want something bigger.Even the Audi S6 was cramped for me. I guess I miss my Espace. But I suppose I’m just an anachronism.

    3. Clearly. There was never a huge number of people buying an estate just for the occasional square load, and even less so now.

    4. For me the answer is no. It would have been a nice USP in a class of cars struggling to look far racier than they really are. Evidently the focus groups don´t think the same way. I´d bet that if one brand did a really spacious estate in this class they´d hoover up a lot of disaffected Skoda customers. There might not be enough for everyone to do it but enough to make a tidy profit for one brand.

  6. Is it just me or isn’t the rear screen not as raked as it appears on first sight? Maybe it’s just clever design…

    1. It seems quite raked to me. The Mk1 Megane estate was the archetype. Those looked really lovely and still do, very nicely sized. They had a pleasing interior as well.

    2. Alas, you’re only one who likes that Megane MkI estate and its agricultural looks.
      Still fantasizing about life in the French countryside?

  7. It looks like some posts have disappeared in this thread. Didn’t someone ask how the new styling would work on smaller cars like the V40? I’m pretty sure I posted a response with a picture… Weird or what?

    1. Ah, I knew it there was that big Volvo in there somewhere.

    1. yeah Richard, the lovely 16s are getting rarer all the time – I’m starting to think the acquisition of my 16TS (1976) is one of the best ‘motoring’ decisions I’ve made in a long time…not far off registration now, looking very sweet back from the panelbeaters minus one mudguard and the bonnet…pix to follow

  8. Laurent: yes, that´s me, lost in a small village in an imaginary part of the Loire. Is it really that agricultural? That seems a trifle harsh. It´s nicer than a ZX and possibly easier to live with than a 306 (though that was pretty as well).

    1. All I’m saying is that it looks too flimsy and slab sided, much like a van – hence the limited appeal.

    2. Richard is possibly the most straightforward and predictable person I have ever (not) met. His sole eccentricity is his love for the Mark 1 Megane.

    3. I’m sure there’s more, but thankfully they have not surfaced – yet.

  9. Things could start getting interesting in this segment. Here is the Fiat Tipo SW, which we may or may not see in the UK:

    1. Was this car created by having a computer apply some algorithms to 3D scans of Peugeot’s 308 and Kia’s Ceed? Mind you, I’d certainly prefer to drive around in this competent piece of mediocrity than the hydrocephalus’d 500L.

  10. The new Megane SW comes with the longest boot in its class and with powerful engines and all-wheel-stering.
    So what is the sense of buying a Taliman estate?

    1. My Renault dealer has both cars – the new Megane and the Talisman – standing side by side. At first sight, It is pretty hard to identify them as cars of two different segments.
      The gap between them has become closer.
      By the way, the Renault blue is a very striking colour.

  11. What about Merc’s “shooting brakes” or Alfa’s sportwagons. They look great but I think their capacity is actually smaller than the saloons they are based on!

    1. I always think of upmarket estates as being deliberately designed to be impractical, just to show that you don’t need to concern yourself with such things. The Mercedes Shooting Break seems optimised to take ski poles, golf clubs and the odd case of wine

    2. “The Mercedes Shooting Break seems optimised to take ski poles, golf clubs and the odd case of wine”

      Nothing wrong with any of that.

    3. Would love if they took the “deliberate impracticality” to it’s logical conclusion and made them a proper shooting break with only three doors. Fewer passengers might allow space for additional case of Barolo?

    4. How about a shooting brake with a proper vertical liftgate? The more the liftgate inclines the more like a big hatchback the car becomes.

    5. What’s wrong with big hatchbacks? Of all the five-door coupés, the Audi hatches are by far the most pleasing to look at.

    6. Correction of the Mercedes Break/Brake typo, but I was thinking about the original concept title.

      As for hatchbacks with coupe silhouettes, I agree the Audis look well enough, but I’m never sure what use the hatchback is, except to make the rear passengers cold, since there’s so little usable luggage volume above normal boot level.

    7. Agree the A5 is nice, not so sure about theA7 though. It looks like they ran out of inspiration when the got to the B pillar. They are definitely a statement as opposed to a practical solution. If it has to be an estate is is possible to better the W124 Merc for space, old school style, reliability, 7 seats and in 320 guise a peach of an engine? You might even fit the ski poles and booze

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