Reflections On Chrome III

As I walked to the train station I saw this car parked up: the 2016 Kia Ceed.

2016 Kia Ceed. It might be the GT. Anoraks, can you help?
2016 Kia Ceed. It might be the GT. Anoraks, can you help?

Naturally I noticed the brightwork on the window-frame. Then I realised the colour had a daring, cheerful character. And finally, the geometry of the car is very, very good indeed. Judging by the richness of the interior, the owner went down the options list until the biro ran dry. This sort of car is the direct equivalent of a 1985 Ford Capri with the 3.0 litre engine, leather and electric windows. I really liked it.

It´s a bit murky. The nice thing is that the brightwork stands out.
It´s a bit murky. The nice thing is that the brightwork stands out.

Most pertinent here is that Kia have graced this car with the right amount of brightwork. And they have gone to the trouble of making the pieces as large as possible. That is to say that the rear side glass is framed by one piece of trim and not two. This is the costlier way to do it but it looks so bespoke. If Kia can do this so can Mercedes, Opel and Peugeot. There is no excuse not to make a piece of chrome trim without a joint somewhere along its length.

For your information, the Kia Ceed GT comes with a 4 cylinder, 1.6 litre petrol or diesel engine. Both have twin scroll turbos. What do the press say? AE call it a successful interpretation of the warm hatch. In the United Kingdom the retail price is 23,000 GBP.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

5 thoughts on “Reflections On Chrome III”

  1. It’s in the mould of the current 3 door Megane, which I feel does it just a bit better (though I’m sure the over the shoulder driver’s visibility is equally dire on both. Although I accept your point about the quality of the brightwork (though as you know don’t share your general enthusiasm for shiny stuff) don’t you think that it makes the rear glass look a bit sparse in contrast? And that squared off bit of plastic at the edge of the rear side window is a bit jarring.

  2. I also like the Cee’d, and, like Sean, I see some resemblance with the current 3-door Mégane. the orange paint suits it great, but it deserves some nice, non-dark wheels instead of these steelies.

    in the second picture, the headlights look way bigger than the taillights. maybe the orange has disguised the rear lights…

  3. It’s not a GT, but the lowest spec Pro Ceed. Handsome, isn’t it? Looks like the alloys are away being sprayed some colour or other. Either that or the mail order delivery hasn’t come through yet.

    1. That is a question about winter tyres. Do you buy an alternative set of alloys, or fit them on steel rims? Some alloys are so cheap, you might as well, especially if you live in a country where your car spends nearly half the year on winter tyres. But actually there is quite something purposeful about a set of unadorned steel rims.

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