Live (Almost) From Geneva : Day 2

Roving correspondent Robertas Parazitas, continues his reporting from the 86th Geneva International Motor Show.

Jaguar E-Type at 1961 Geneva Salon
Jaguar E-Type at 1961 Geneva Salon – image :

Tuesday 01 March 2016

Heavy round of press conferences – Seat and BMW were at 7:45AM. Brutal.

An over-run on the Fiat block has pushed the timetable back a good half hour. Sergio was ebullient. Hair a bit tidier, but the pullover didn’t look as if it had been washed since his last shift on the refuse collection.

The 124 Spider looks better than expected, especially in red, but I still immediately thought “Mitsuoka”. There was a pale primrose example of the real thing on the Fiat stand to show up the imported imposter.

JLR presentation beckons. More later.

Highpoints so far today:

Discovering that the new Renault Scenic has 20″ wheels as standard. When will this madness end?

The Scenic was described by Laurens van den Acker as “the car for parents who are still in love with each other”.

Pass several sick bags…

New Aston Martin DB11. Laid bare as a rolling monocoque it seems strangely ordinary. Floating roof – just like the Astra.

New electric Morgan three wheeler. Same price and performance as the petrol version, to be sold by Selfridges, and has a 150+ mile range. The last bit I take with a shovelful of salt.

Citroen’s bids to become the world’s wackiest carmaker.

I’m a bit fatigued by the booms, bangs, corporate bluster and Orwellian duckspeak. Could there be a competition among CEOs and PR people to use the word “iconic” the highest number of times?

3 thoughts on “Live (Almost) From Geneva : Day 2”

  1. The world has run out of superlatives, unfortunately, and “iconic” has been dredged up as one of the last-ditch attempts to convey some sort of uniqueness. Even the word unique itself has been modified “illegally” with adjectival modifiers, leading to “more” unique and “most” unique. Groan. It is similar to the way the word “pregnant” has come to modified by inapt descriptors.

    I believe it was Ford who started this road to ruin in 1963 with the release of the Cortina GT, a 73.5 hp weakling of a sardine tin on wheels, the GT moniker vastly over-hyping its ability. Compared to an Aston Martin DB4GT and others of like ilk at the time, that is.

    1. Can I add ultimate to the list? The jean and anoraks of the motoring press now use “ultimate” to mean really extreme, usually something new. “We look at the ultimate Ferrari 679 Bologna F, the firm’s wildest two-door yet!” Ultimate means last and is really best deployed with a bit of hindsight. The Bristol Fighter was, for a while anyway, the ultimate Bristol. It may yet be.

  2. The latest Megane wagon is now the GT, regardless of tune or trim. In this case it stands for “Grand Tourer”. Wasn’t a “Tourer” traditionally a four seat convertible?

    And as for “ultimate”, the long standing BMW slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine” made me think I might be killed while driving one.

    This year, alongside the Bubblegum English and pompous doggerel, there was a bit of recycling. Jaguar’s strapline for the F-Pace is “Above all it’s a Jaguar”, recalling Rover’s “Above all it’s a Rover”.

    Except that, in Rover’s case, above all it was a Honda…

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