Live (Almost) From Geneva : Day 3

Roving correspondent Robertas Parazitas, continues his reporting from the 86th Geneva International Motor Show.

Renault Stand at Geneva Salon 1965
Renault Stand at Geneva Salon 1965

Wednesday 02 March 2016

Today is mainly a scour of the show for things missed and curiosities. Thankfully the constant noise of industry bullshit has abated.

On the “Whose not there” front, not only Lancia, but also MINI. Nothing to be read into that except that significant manufacturers, or certain of their brands are refusing the motor show circuit – Volvo have expressed their reservations, and Mazda aren’t going to Paris this year.

The last couple of hours have been spent on the VAG Reich looking for signs of contrition. In vain.

VW have made their own Evoque convertible, called the T Cross Breeze. The Bentley stand was overpowering, strangely the Bentgaya was sidelined into a tunnel off a corridor. Another car that just looks too ordinary.

The Audi Q2 will interest those with an eye for styling minutiae, and the bigger picture is surprising too. Far more like a C4 Cactus than a baby Q3.

A Vauxhall high-up told me that the Opel GT is designed for “production”, and if reaction is positive, they could push for it to built as a “halo car”.

Mitsubishi have a very neat EV concept with Appia-style doors. eX-concept, if you can’t wait for the pictures.

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