2016 Renault Scenic Reconsidered

Yesterday we reported on the new Renault Scenic. I can see what inspired the shape of the side glass, a concept car from five years ago, the R-Space.

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That car has a suicide rear door (not unlike the Lancia Appia we had on a while back). That made the precise character of the shutline feasible: a curve over the rear wheel intersecting at a point with the curve of the side glass of the front door. The way I see the actual production car, it’s a wobbly line and when the window rubbers at the B-pillar begin to become unmoored as they always do it’ll look appalling. So, I revised it. It would be nicer for kids sittting in the back.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

6 thoughts on “2016 Renault Scenic Reconsidered”

  1. I knew you would ultimately come up with something like this. However I’m not sure it’s entirely justified in this case. I guess it will depend on the seats height at the rear. Also it looks like the rubber seal at the base of the window is covered with a chrome strip so Renault seem to have addressed the issue you describe.

  2. The concept car door is more about the precise way the window line is formed at the b-pillar. And notice the door goes up to form the C-pillar. On the production car it ends up as a wavy line. In some views it looks acceptable. In others it undulates too much.

  3. Maybe, maybe not. Best wait until it hits the road to pass judgement.

  4. I agree with Richard here. This “wobbly line” was bothering me as well on an otherwise pretty convincing (re)interpretation of a small MPV.
    I particularly like the lightness of the glasshouse look on the front third.

  5. This is another vehicle that reinforces my confusion about the efficacy of concepts. The R-Line rear window curve is elegant, if impractical. Once it has been compromised in the production Scenic, it makes little sense. The designer’s might still see their original, pure intention, but we don’t. Without the concept, the production version would look better.

    But, having looked at it more, it’s certainly better looking than the Captur (probably that is fainter praise than it deserves) and there is a lot of matt black panelwork lurking below the line of the gold paint, suggesting that the ride height might not actually be as elevated as it seems – which is good news for interior space. It’s bigger in all directions than even the outgoing Grand Scenic, which I suppose distances it suitably from the Captur. Nasty little back window though.

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