Almost live from Geneva 2016: More Superleggera Touring

Our roving reporter, Robertas Parazitas, has been out with his Hasselblad to capture some of the vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Thus we have these exclusive images of the Superleggera Touring Alfa Romeo. Yes, it’s still very fine looking. Alfa Romeo’s own designers are having a very hard time expressing how a modern Alfa Romeo should look. To judge by this, Superleggera Touring have their finger on it. The car is actually deeply retro and yet isn’t at all. This is a first rate synthesis of old and new.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

2 thoughts on “Almost live from Geneva 2016: More Superleggera Touring”

  1. Bizarrely, another convertible that visually betters its coupe sibling. To me, this car exudes joy.

    Richard has a point. A lot of manufacturers – not just Italian ones, although that would be a good start – could do with a little carrozzeria magic back in their lives.

  2. In fact, Touring Superleggera isn’t really still in business after all these years. It’s a new company who purchased the name in 2006, after it had been dormant for 40 years. Not that I’m knocking them for that. Possibly a more business-oriented model could make an independent design house more relevant to the 21st Century.

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