Geneva Bites – Japanese Concepts: The Bad

Roving reporter, Robertas Parazitas continues his trawl through the fleshpots of Geneva. Two concepts in particular captured his ire.

Image: autovia-media

Mazda RX-Vision:  A woefully silly car from a manufacturer which is getting so much right.

Lexus LF-FC:  A certain appealing lairiness, but they need to try harder.

4 thoughts on “Geneva Bites – Japanese Concepts: The Bad”

  1. Now then, Robertas, I know you have the advantage over me of having seen that Mazda in the flesh – or metal – but “woefully silly”? Come on! It’s a proper concept, right? Not one of those, tease a new model by first issuing it as a concept! Hence, it’s meant as something aspirational, a dream-car? No? As such, isn’t it, actually, rather gorgeous? Lithe, sensuous, elegant, stunning? My only objection – itself rather missing the point, given its purpose – is that form does not follow function in that one of the points of a rotary engine is its compactness; hence, what’s the function of that long bonnet? But then, it’s a dream car. If Aston Martin, or Maserati, or Ferrari had created this Vision, I think many of us would have been drooling over it. Because it’s a Mazda, somehow it’s incongruous. Not in my book – surely it’s not just Good, it’s bloody gorgeous.

    1. +1. It’s a concept/show car and should be judged as such.

  2. I shall pile on as well. Both these “bad” cars look so much nicer than the overstyled boxes presented as “good” earlier. To me.

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