Geneva Oddities: Citroen Space Tourer Hyphen

While browsing around the pickings and leavings of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show I found this. It’s the Space Tourer from Citroen.

2016 Citroen Space Tourer Hyphen: source
2016 Citroen Space Tourer Hyphen: source

Autocar, Car and Car & Driver forgot to mention it, as far as I know. But Autoblog gave it some space – we salute you. It’s quite a refreshing combination of shapes and graphic design. They ought to put it into production. It’s huge fun.

This is some of what Autoblog said: “Based on the standard SportTourer, this concept received input from the French band Hyphen Hyphen, and adds four-wheel-drive, a beefy increase in ride height, and neat 19-inch wheels. According to Citroen, that helps give it “an SUV personality.” It looks good on the outside, with its orange-and-gray color scheme, but the setup in the cabin is even neater. It’s very, very colorful, and like all good European vans, has a manual transmission. It looks like there’s seating for at least seven, but we’d be worried about he impact that has on its ability to haul guitars and amps.” Go and read more Autoblog because actually it’s a useful site.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

7 thoughts on “Geneva Oddities: Citroen Space Tourer Hyphen”

  1. What are chances of this making it to the showrooms? Would the paint be too scary? The mechanical part isn’t. Citroen could do with a vehicle like this. For once it really is fun and attractive. I hope the band got a good fee for this.

    1. It’s orange and BLUE. Not quite Gulf colours, but close.

      I’m disappointed that the best feature of the stand display is missing from that photo.

  2. I’m confident that it was neither of those who were ornamenting the stand on media day.

    Hyphen Hyphen is an odd choice of name.

    Rather like The XX, unless they are all Rover 800 fans.

  3. Ignore the silly paintwork! But I do hope they bring out a version with this sort of “Audi Allroad/ Škoda Scout” look with the expressed lower plastic trim and bigger wheels. I think it looks great. The stubby rear proportions with the wheels WAY out back look great as does the big chin and high mounted headlights out front. I like it a lot.

    It will become a badge-engineered sight everywhere alas. Complete with a Toyota version as well!

  4. The design is quite good indeed. Much better than the predecessor that always looked as if it was put together from various bits they just had in the parts bin. The proportions are convincing, and the whole thing looks very solid. Only from the rear I think it’s a bit too close to the VW van, but with the square shapes given and upright light clusters in a standard location, differentiation is not that easy.

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